I’ve revamped my presentation.  It’s no longer “Christian Nationalism.”  It is now “Christians for America.

As I said in “Christians are God’s Chosen People,” from scripture, we don’t think, we know that we’ve completed the Davidic Covenant with the birth of Christ.  The Davidic covenant is done.  It’s dead and has been superseded with the New Covenant in Christ.  Jews, and anyone else, are welcome to convert to Christ, as Alex, the Messianic Jew you brought in to present the Seder Meal has done. 

If Jews, or anyone else, accepts Christ, you’re now heir to the promises of Abraham and are God’s Chosen People.  If you don’t, you’re damned for all eternity and will suffer forever in the afterlife.

You probably agree with the above. 

I’m telling you this because I’m hoping your presentation on Sunday will have a large aggressive component on the necessity of pursuing our Mission in the Great Commission while using the truth contained in scripture as both carrots and sticks to induce the heathen to convert.

Steve in Bible Study did a presentation a couple of weeks ago relating the many rewards recited in scripture for doing the right thing.  There are a lot of them.  Click Here to see His Presentation.

There’s the carrot, now we need the stick. 

A couple of weeks ago, at a White Board Session, I suggested you preach Fire and Brimstone frequently enough so people know there’s a cost to rejecting Christ.  If we don’t, as Paul said in his second letter to Timothy, we’re just tickling their ears.

We need both the Carrot and the Stick.  Without both, we’re not Evangelical Christians, we’re Lunch Lady Christians.  Supine, complicit, co-opted, fearful and ineffective.

I Pray your plans for us make us “The light of the world. A city on a hill that cannot be hidden.”   I believe incorporating the aforementioned approach into our efforts will help.


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