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We describe two items: 

1.  Our Purpose.
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Our Purpose – Our Purpose is to return to founding principals.  We undertake unrelenting activities to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution, thereby working to assure the global primacy of the United States.  Our unrelenting America First Agenda includes persistent activism, communication, and direct action.  Registrants keep us in the fight while putting you in the game.

Your Premium – Your Premium is the game described below.  Qualified Registrants are active in 156 games over the next 12 months.  You’re eligible to share many millions equally with a very limited number of other Registrants.  This significant premium is yours for less than 40 cents/week.  The game is our thank you to supporters.

You’re Eligible to Share Millions!

What We Do:  We buy Texas Powerball tickets and report the results. Should we win a multi-million dollar jackpot, we commit to share and share alike in accordance with the published rules. To review the rules, Click Here.

Why We Do It:   We need your support to continue our work. Everyone asks for help.  We make it an easy decision.  We provide fun, engaging, and potentially very profitable entertainment to show our appreciation.

Generational Wealth:  We protect your country with our America First Agenda.  We protect your winnings by limiting the number of players.  There will never be more than 200 players in any one perpetual pool.  Should we hold the only winning ticket, your minimum gross share will be $100,000.  It could be much more.  Learn how supporting the Texas Journal America First Agenda gives your family 780 opportunities to achieve Generational Wealth in the next 12 months.  Click Here.   

The Game is Our Gift to You.

When you support Texas Journal with a $20/year subscription, you’re eligible to share millions three times a week, for less than 40 cents per week.  We report the results to our GAB followers. When you follow Texas Journal on GAB, we report to you. 

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