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Our Purpose – Our Purpose is to return the United States to its founding principles.  We undertake unrelenting activities to preserve, protect, and defend the US Constitution, thereby working to assure the global primacy of the United States.  Our unrelenting America First Agenda includes persistent activism, communication, direct action, and support for the Rule of Law.  Registrants keep us in the fight.   

Your Premium – Supporting our America First Agenda earns you a significant premium.  You receive a persistent effort using paid advertising, weekly cash prizes, and repeated exposure to make you more powerful on GAB.  We provide many opportunities for like-minded people to find and follow you.  That maximizes your experience, your influence, and your reach.  This is in addition to sharing a Powerball Jackpot should we win.  Everything is yours when you support our America First Agenda.  Your annual investment is only $20/yr. 

If you prefer, you may opt out of promotional efforts.  You’re still eligible to share and share alike in Powerball Jackpots.  When a new person Registers, we ask how you’d prefer to participate.

What We Do & How It Works.

What We Do:  To generate interest and engagement from a broad audience, we buy Powerball tickets and report the results.  Qualified Registrants will be active in 156 games over the next 12 months.  You could share millions equally with no more than 200 other Registrants.  You’re supporting aggressive America First Activism and playing for millions, all for less than 40 cents/week. Should we win a multi-million dollar jackpot, we commit to share and share alike per the published rules.  To review the rules, Click Here.

Your Personal Growth Strategy:  Registrants requesting the effort are promoted on GAB using paid advertising, cash incentives, and communications surrounding the Powerball Game.  This is in addition to our weekly cash prize and other promotional efforts.  This continuous campaign helps grow your followers and expand your reach.  We’re serious about your success.  If you prefer, you may opt out of promotional efforts.  You’re still eligible to share and share alike in Powerball Jackpots.  To learn more about promotional efforts:  Click Here

Why We Do It:  We need your support to continue our work.  Everyone asks for help.  We make it an easy decision.  We provide fun, engaging, and potentially profitable entertainment and an aggressive effort to help you acquire additional followers, expanding your influence on GAB.  

The Game – The Weekly Cash Prizes – The Persistent Promotion
Is Our Gift To You!

Everything described above is yours when you support our America First Agenda with a $20/year subscription.  You get everything for less than 40 cents per week.  We report the results to our GAB followers.  When you follow us on GAB, we report to you.

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God Bless America. 

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