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Work with us to demand accountability both from Washington and local government.  We express our opinions and influence a large cross-section of elected officials.  We focus on three areas: 

We’ve created specific groups for these topics permitting us to segregate and share each others communications. Our system amplifies your voice making you an incredibly effective advocate. 

With our techniques, you’ll produce directives, comments and communications to your elected representatives easily and quickly.  The framework described here will help you to stay on point, effective and consistent.  You’ll align with a growing group of like minded advocates working to ensure America First prevails.     

At Texas Journal our state and national representatives are:

  • Governor Abbott;
  • Congressman Burgess;
  • Senator Cruz;
  • Senator Cornyn;
  • Texas State Senator Tan Parker;
  • Texas State Representative Ben Bumgarner.

All representatives, both yours and ours, have a website with a comments frame.  You’ll use our tools to influence national, state and local representatives with a consistent, clear, coherent message.   

You’ll use the same post for all representatives with personal comments and calls to action specific to their level of responsibilities.  It also works for Mayors, School Board Members and Councilmen.  It’s a fantastic way to get active, stay active and be effective, both nationally and locally.

Accessing the core post to communicate with elected representatives is easy.  In the upper right hand corner of every GAB post there are three dots.  When you click on those three dots, you’ll note the very last option is “Share GAB.”  Click “Share Gab,” then select the option on far left of the resulting screen.  That copies the posts URL.  That URL then becomes the core of your communication to senators, congressmen, governors and others.

When writing representatives, we address the communication to the most appropriate level of responsibility.  You’ll easily use the same URL as the central part of your communication to other elected officials. 

Texas Journal representative communications contain requests and/or directives along with a link to the news article prompting the communication.  Since you’re commenting on a single source, it’s very easy to stay on point.  Representatives like this because they’re aware of the source.  They know where your information comes from and why you’re writing. 

This approach provides the following benefits:

  • It’s much easier and quicker than a postal mail letter;
  • Through likes and reposts, Representatives see we’re not alone;
  • Representives learn of our concerns immediately;
  • We have a record of what we said & when we said it for effective follow up.

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If you’re aware of other patriots willing to work to Restore the Republic, please forward this page or repost to your followers. 

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