Working Together
We Win!


What we provide is not limited to Texas.  This system works anywhere.

One patriot can be ignored. Two patriots can be dismissed. But thousands of us, working together, are unstoppable.   We demand accountability from Washington, state and local governments.  We express our opinions and influence a large cross-section of elected officials.   

We focus on three areas: 

  • Universal School Choice
  • Asserting States Rights
  • Stopping Illegal Immigration

We archive our Representative Communications in our Government Communication Group.  If you’re supportive of our aims, our posts become your template to create similar effective communications to your Governor, Representatives and Senators.  Our system amplifies our collective voices making us an incredibly effective advocate for Children, Freedom and National Sovereignty.

Our framework keeps us on point, effective and consistent.  You’re aligning with a growing group of like minded advocates working to ensure America First prevails.

This has been the backbone to many Texas Journal successes.  Put simply, we focus the power of local activism on a few issues centered on protecting American Freedom and Independence.  We amplify that local activity into great pressure and influence nationwide.  With your help, we will prevail.  We look forward to partnering with you and thank you in advance for your help.

What we provide is not limited to Texas.  This system works anywhere. 

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No one can do everything, but together, we’ll do enough.  Working together, we win.

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