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Support Our America First Agenda While
Both Your Followers and Influence!

Working together, we’re formidable.  Are you ready to unleash your full potential?  We work tirelessly to maximize our collective impact and drive our America First Agenda forward.  Everything we do is designed to make you more powerful and effective.  This is your chance to Stand Up – Step Up – Speak Up.  Use our communications model to find followers and increase your influence.  There are three ways for you to grow.  

You can:

  • Follow and Watch.
  • Follow and Participate. 
  • Register, and we’ll help you find followers.   

At a minimum, follow Us – You’ll be much more effective with us than alone.  Click Here

What We Do For Followers:

We’re serious about relentlessly pursuing our America First Agenda and helping supporters acquire followers and increase their influence.  That’s how everyone becomes more powerful.  We’ve developed a seamless system permitting you to boost your reach and effectiveness.  Our system uses cash incentives, paid advertising, and other benefits to encourage engagement and participation.  These activities allow us to expand our team and aggressively pursue our America First Agenda.

We welcome you to follow us and enjoy our communications.  Alternatively, you may work with us as a follower or permit us to help you gain additional influence and reach as a Registrant.  We have many effective tools.  We’ve undertaken our Tenth Amendment Project.  Within this framework, we frequently communicate with our elected representatives.  We use GAB posts as our vehicle.  We’ve created a compelling format that provides you with additional reach.  This makes your representative communications more persuasive.

Whether you’re a Follower or a Registrant, this is an effective way to communicate with your federal, state, and local representatives.  Typically, we address our communications to the Texas Governor with calls to action for Senate, Congressional, and State Level Representatives included in the communication.  This approach permits consistency of messaging across all offices.  Additionally, they all know they’ve received the same message.  This approach makes them more amenable to constituent requests.  This approach will work in your state, too.

Follow Us – We will make you much more effective.  Click Here   

What We Do For Registrants:

In addition to Followers’ Benefits, Registrants can access our exclusive Personal Growth Strategy.  We do the following to help you acquire followers and grow:

  • Award a Weekly Cash Prize.
  • Run Paid Advertising.
  • Provide Financial Incentives.
  • Advertise Your GAB URL.

We Drive Traffic With a Large Cash Prize – We manage a perpetual lotto pool built around the Texas Powerball.  This activity attracts supporters who may be uninterested in our America First Agenda.  We buy tickets, hold them, and report the results to our followers.  Followers observe the game; Registrants will share and share alike should we win a jackpot.  Reporting on the game provides an opportunity for many communications every week.  Those communications benefit Registrants.  As we send reminders and report game results, we take advantage of the opportunity to promote your links.  The image at the bottom of the page discloses the current jackpot amount. Should we win a jackpot, Registrants will receive an equal share of this amount.    We’re serious about your success. 

Here’s how we encourage people to follow you. 

Hall of Heroes – Every Registrant requesting it is placed in the Hall of Heroes.  We frequently request others to visit The Hall, review your GAB URL, and follow you.

Repost a Few – We frequently request that followers “Repost a Few” past winners.  To make this easy, we present links directly to your original post.  Over time, past winners should be reposted 100s of times, generating many more followers. 

We Deliver – This group contains the original announcement post for Weekly Cash Prize Winners.  It makes it easy for us to refer followers, requesting they repost your winning announcement.  This provides you with more exposure and possibly followers.  It also presents our activities to a broader audience.  As noted above, we commit 50% of the gross receipts from the previous week’s Registrants as prize money.  This activity increases Registrants, increasing cash for the coming week’s winner. 

Benefiting from our Personal Growth Strategy helps maximize your influence and create a powerful online presence.  Our strategy highlights your contributions, amplifies your opinions, and attracts an audience.  Together, we’ll win.  Work with us.  Your investment is only $20/year.

Your investment places you in this game and 155 consecutive games during the next 12 months.  Register Below. 

Reporting on This Game Is Used To
Advertise Registrants & Expand Their Reach
While Supporting Our America First Agenda.

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