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The perfect gift for your family and friends is to designate them as an America First Registrant.  As with other Registrants, we commit to share and share alike with your gift recipient should we win a multi-million dollar jackpot.  This gives your recipient an item with a tremendous value they will enjoy for an entire year.  Additionally, the purchase supports the Texas Journal America First Agenda.  In support of this agenda, we exert unrelenting efforts to sustain the Global Primacy of the United States.  

To identify you as the benefactor and them as the recipient, they receive an official signed America First Registrant Certificate via US Postal Mail and a cover letter from Texas Journal. 

To assure the certificate’s integrity, we associate it with the purchasing PayPal transaction ID to authenticate it.  The validating ID is just below the signature.

To view a sample certificate:  Click Here.

There are two steps to Complete Your Purchase:

1.  Go to the registration page to make your purchaseClick Here

2.  After purchasing, tell us who the gift is for.  Instructions begin on the next line.  

Once you’ve made your purchase, please go to the Contact Page.  To access the Contact Page: Click Here. 

When completing the contact form, use the same email you just used with PayPal; in the Subject Line of the Contact Form, please put:

Registrant Gift Purchase

In the comments section, please provide the Recipients:

Full Name
Street or PO Box
City, State, Zip

If there’s a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, or holiday, please let us know.  We’ll mention it in the cover letter. 

Your recipient will love it.

Thank You for Supporting our America First Agenda.

To Make Your Purchase.

Click Here.




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