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The perfect gift for your family and friends is to designate them as an America First Registrant.  When they’re so designated:

They’re supporting:

Our Purpose – Our Purpose is to undertake unrelenting activities to preserve, protect and defend the US Constitution, thereby working to assure the global primacy of the United States.  Texas Journal directly supports the United States as defined by the founding documents. Our unrelenting America First Agenda includes persistent activism, communication, and direct action.  That’s what you’re supporting.  We report to you on GAB.  Before you depart, please follow us on GAB.  Click Here.

They’re Receiving:

Our PremiumOur Premium to recipients is the game.  When you support Texas Journal’s America First Agenda, you’re afforded 780 chances to win in the coming year.  It’s possible that they could achieve Generational Wealth.  For details:  Click Here.

Your Purchase Permits Us to:

  1.  Defend Liberty;
  2. Preserve Free Speech;
  3. Hold Government Accountable;
  4. Preserve American Freedoms.

Supporting Texas Journal is money well spent.  We make that very clear in the cover letter accompanying the Registration Certificate.  

For those uninterested in our Registration Certificate and cover letter, there is an immediate 20% discount available.  The same product, without the written notification to the recipient, is depicted on the Registration page.  Your investment is $20.00, not $25.00.  Click Here.

Texas Journal is happy to proceed as described below, but we wanted you to know you can opt out of our notification. 

Please note, complete details of what’s described in the above paragraph can be found in the menu directly below “The Perfect Gift” at the top of the page.

To identify you as the benefactor and them as the recipient, they receive an official signed America First Registrant Certificate via US Postal Mail and a cover letter from Texas Journal. 

To assure the certificate’s integrity, we associate it with the purchasing PayPal transaction ID to authenticate it.  The validating ID is just below the signature.

To view a sample certificate:  Click Here.

There are two steps to Complete Your Purchase:

1.  Make your purchase below. 

2.  After purchasing, tell us who the gift is for.  There will be an opportunity after you check-out.   

In the comments section, please provide the Recipients:

Full Name
Street or PO Box
City, State, Zip

If there’s a special occasion, birthday, anniversary, or holiday, please let us know.  We’ll mention it in the cover letter. 

Your recipient will love it.

Thank You for Supporting our America First Agenda.






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