Hall of Heroes

Texas Journal Supporters are Heroes.  They make our work possible.  We promote those Registrants providing their GAB URLs in our Hall of Heroes.  Supporters are positioned to acquire new followers in addition to supporting our America First Agenda.  We encourage you to join them. 

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We’ll update this page about every 30 days.  This list is current as of December 9, 2023.  Follow the link at the bottom of the page to ensure you’re on the next revision. 


Karen A Kristy M
John A Dennis M
F Joan B Delorese M
Michael B http://gab.com/mlbrande Peggy M
Michael B Becky N
Diana B Becky N
Radu B Cynthia N
Michael B Matthew N           http://gab.com/bodeen
Kevin B Chris P
Amber C Vincent G. https://gab.com/HomeofPrepperNutrients
Laura C Chris P
Delmer E https://gab.com/Godliberatesus Chris P
Clyde F https://gab.com/Getoverit2400deplorable1 Chris P
Gary F Chris P
Gregory F
Daphne G Bryan R https://gab.com/Slipb24
Jose G Charles S
Mary H Ronald S
Larry H Rodney S
David H Robin S
Karen H Lisa S
Rebecca H John S
Dennis H http://gab.com/heavenhigh Strphen S
Matthew H John S
Eugene J H T
James J https://gab.com/jimj1s Victoria T
Anthony L James W
Anthony L Hursel W
Bill L Mary W
Marian L https://gab.com/Marilougab Charles Y
Jonathan M Debra Y
Beverly M Julie Y
Toby R https://gab.com/Tramz18 Dave Z https://gab.com/TexasJournal


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