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Texas Journal is built as a platform permitting you to take action.  We want you to join, work with, and exercise your agency alongside of us.  We’re up against formidable forces that will be difficult to defeat.  That’s why we must get started now.  We’re dedicated to supporting and encouraging our followers permitting them to engage more effectively, efficiently and formidably.  We provide a lifeline of actionable material that you’ll use to communicate with your elected representatives or misinformed colleagues.  We want to restore the United States to a Constitutional Republic.  To this end, we read, review write and report to you in a concise coherent format permitting you to take immediate action. 

Here’s What We Do:

Representative Communications – We communicate frequently with our elected representatives.  We post to GAB for maximum exposure and concurrence with followers and supporters.  The many likes, comments and reposts we receive from followers shows our representatives there are many Americans that agree with our position.  We then take the URLs for those posts and use them as the basis for communications with our representatives.  This is very effective.  These communications are gathered into our 10th Amendment Group.  This makes it easy for you to review and use them as your circumstances and interests require.  To visit the 10th Amendment Group – Click Here

Texas Journal Articles – We research and write articles you’ll use to persuade representatives, friends and colleagues.  When you follow Texas Journal, you’ll see these pieces as we publish them.  Should you prefer to review them at your leisure, you’ll find our most recent submissions here:  Click Here

Texas Journal Video Commentary – We produce the “Texas Journal Ten Minute Message.”  These are short, pithy, entertaining on point video presentations about the days events.  You’re updated and informed quickly and then on with your busy life.  You’ll find our most recent submission here:  Click Here

We Give to Those that Give – Texas Journal commits to do the work.  We agitate, communicate, travel and influence.  Registrants make this work possible.  In exchange, we provide our Registrants and their families the opportunity to achieve Generational Wealth.  Learn about Registration:  Click Here

No one can do everything, but together, we’ll do enough.  Working together, we win.

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