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Remove Merrick Garland or Become Cattle in Your Country

Biden Starts World War III

The Power of Consistent Contributions

Joe Biden’s Attempting to Destroy the United States Armed Forces

President Trump Statement after 2d Impeachment Hoax

Twenty-six Reasons to Avoid the China Virus “Vaccine”

Biden Sell Critical American Tech to Chinese Communist Party

        The Medical Community Will Never Be Trusted Again

Not Much Holds America Together

How The Election was Stolen – Explained in 90 Seconds

Candace Owens for VP

Race-Based Voting

Treason in Afghanistan

Hershel Walker Speaks Against Reparations

Staged Capitol Insurrection

Impeachment Kangaroo Court

Governor Abbott – Establishing a Federal Free Zone

Texas Governor Abbott – Attacks GAB

Massive Inflation on the Way

WOKE Making US Navy Vulnerable

Is the Death of America Foreordained

America Sinks – China Swims

Joe Caves to Unions – Keeps Kids Out of School

Manufactured Evidence for HOAX Impeachment

Officer Brian Sicknick Death HOAX

Andrew Yang Universal Guaranteed Income for New York

Democrat Death Threats

Seven RINO Senators Voting For Impeachment

RINO Congressmen Oppose the Second Amendment

SCOTUS Facilitated the Theft of 2020 Presidential Election

Nuremberg Code Potential China Virus Violations

The Devastating Cost of CRT in the US Military

The Air Force Academy Inflicts Critical Race Theory

The United States is an Occupied Nation

Rules for Defeating Radicals

General George S. Patton D-Day Speech

The 1776 Report – American History at its Finest

Warrior Song


Hold Congress Accountable

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