Caring Texas Educators

Caring Texas Educators

The “Poster Children for Texas School Choice” were dropped kicked into the street again.  Wilmer-Hutchins ISD assessed an illegal tax on residents for years.  Not only is no restitution planned, residents have learned that no one wants to educate their children.

Texas Public Schools like to make cooing sounds about how they’re the only ones with the capacity and caring to assure all Texas children get a good education.

Nothing is further from the truth.

From the most egregious to the most elite, Texas Public Schools interest in education is purely pecuniary.  That’s not the problem.  The problem is they get paid no matter what they do.

Wilmer-Hutchins ISD:

We’ve written about Wilmer-Hutchins previously.  For background information: Click Here.

The district hasn’t worked for years, either academically or fiscally.  It finally collapsed into bankruptcy.  Given its record, you’d think it would be shut down immediately.  No, it will not be dissolved until next year.  Texas Educrats decided to take another year of taxes from residents before the beast is killed.  This in spite of the fact that the district unilaterally and illegally raised tax rates years ago.

Even in their death throws, it’s business as usual at Texas Public Schools.

Since the district isn’t functioning, Texas Educrats have to find someplace for Wilmer-Hutchins children to go to school.  The logical choice is Lancaster ISD.  Lancaster is 5 miles from Wilmer-Hutchins.  The kids are about the same demographically.  The Lancaster district is essentially right across the street from Wilmer-Hutchins.

It is not to be.

As recited by a June 29, 2005 Dallas Morning News article a raucous meeting ensued that resulted in Wilmer-Hutchins children being rejected by Lancaster.  According to the News article, speakers who expressed an opinion were 3 to 1 against consolidating the districts.

One telling quote:

“I’m a teacher, and I know that the child with the greatest problems is the one that demands most of my energy,” Mary Jane Colton said.  “Wilmer-Hutchins will have the greatest problems and it will demand the administration’s energy.”

Ms. Colton and her allies carried the day at Lancaster ISD.

Texas Journal asks:

“If teachers are permitted to act in their own self-interest, why aren’t parents permitted to act in the interest of their children?”

So much for caring Texas Educators. 

Plano ISD

Thousands of Texas home-school families are battling to get some of their investment back from Texas Public Schools.  Plano home-school families are asking that their children be permitted to participate in such activities as football, basketball or classes requiring special facilities, such as chemistry.

The usual suspects oppose the children.

According to an April 21, 2005 Dallas Morning News article the states four teachers organizations are working overtime to deny access to these children.

Per the News article, Johannah Whitsett of the Association of Texas Professional Educators said:

“We are opposed to home-school students having any access to public schools.  They can already enroll in public schools any time.  There are finite resources in public schools, and allowing these students to come and take classes part time could limit class space for regular, full-time students.”

The fact that the parents of each of these home-schooled children have paid for these facilities means nothing to the Ms.Whitsett or the union she shills for.

As before, there is no consideration for the children.  It’s all about the money and perpetuating their control.

Texas Journal asks:

“If unions are permitted to act in their own self-interest, why aren’t parents permitted to act in the interest of their children?”

So much for caring Texas Educators.

Spring Branch ISD:

Nonresident enrollment is up at Spring Branch ISD.  Spring Brach is using non-residents to successfully game Robin Hood, Texas’ share-the-wealth system.

Per a June 22, 2005 Houston Chronicle article, Spring Branch ISD district officials say opening enrollment to students who live outside the district has proven to be a successful way of working under Robin Hood.

The district benefits in all cases, the students are not so lucky.

Spring Branch ISD cherry picks by accepting ONLY students that are performing at grade level, have good conduct and attendance records and have passed the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) test.  Further, non-resident students are assessed a $25.00 enrollment fee, are not provided transportation and may be ejected if the school that accepted them is full or if they falter academically or behaviorally.

By cherry picking the most capable students, Spring Branch is doing exactly what Texas school choice opponents claimed could never happen at Texas public schools.

Spring Branch doesn’t care.  According to Frazer Dealy, the district’s specialist for policy administration:

“Overall, the program has been very successful.  Under the current funding system, I think what we are doing with nonresident transfers is beneficial to the district as a whole – and we gain as a district in getting good students.”

So, by cherry picking certain non-resident students, Spring Branch ISD gets to retain monies that would otherwise go to less fortunate students.

Texas Journal asks:

“If Texas school districts are permitted to act in their own self-interest, why aren’t parents permitted to act in the interest of their children?”

So much for caring Texas Educators.

Texas Education Agency

We look to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to provide insight as to which schools are facing challenges and guidance on what to do about them.

The agency has failed on both counts.

When 50% of Texas Public Schools could not achieve Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) as defined by No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Commissioner Neeley opted for cronyism over children.

For an expanded discussion:  Click Here

Texas Journal asks:

“If the State of Texas is permitted to act in its own self-interest, why aren’t parents permitted to act in the interest of their children?”

So much for caring Texas Educators.

US Department Of Education

When the TEA abandoned Texas children it resulted in a confrontation with the US Department of Education.  For a while it appeared there would be consequences.  Then with a giggle and a grin, followed by a wink and a nod, these two “Good Ole Texas Girls” said “Oh well.. what the hell?”  and walked away from their responsibilities.

For an expanded discussion:  Click Here.

Texas Journal asks:

“If the feds are permitted to act in their own self-interest, why aren’t parents permitted to act in the interest of their children?”

So much for caring Texas Educators.

From Washington, to Austin, to your Texas School District to the Texas Teacher’s Unions the Texas Educrats attitude is the same, if the task is easy, if it’s expedient, if it’s profitable they’re there with their hands out.  If the task is difficult, if it’s challenging, if there are consequences for their actions, they run for the tall grass.

No matter what they do, they get paid.

Without a countervailing force, 2006 will see Texans throwing another $34.5 Billion dollars down a rat hole that’s delivering High School Graduates requiring remediation at a 50% rate.  For expanded discussion, Click Here.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Texas has a ready made countervailing force in place and ready for action.  Given “The Power of the Purse” Texas parents are ready, willing and able to monitor 100% of Texas children 24/7 thereby assuring Texas receives 100% of the education we’re paying for.

With 100% fully funded educational vouchers, Texas schools will educate our children or they will lose the cash attributed to that student.  No more excuses, no more delays.

Work with us. 

Texas children should not have to beg for what’s rightfully theirs.  Their parents have paid for their education; they should be permitted to attend the public, private or parochial school that can best serve their needs.

Contact the Governor, your state senator, state representative and your State Board of Education Representative today.  Urge them to support 100% Fully Funded School Choice in Texas.

To find the addresses of your elected representatives: Click Here.

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