Give The Educrats What They Want

Give The Educrats What They Want

The Texas Supreme Court has interceded in the struggle to regain control of Texas Public Schools.  Texas children can’t afford another bad decision by the court.  Let’s capitulate.  Let’s give Texas Educrats what they want.

The Texas Federation of Teachers has postulated a farcical proposal they’re calling the 100% Solution.  Within this structure, Texans are compelled to throw another $8 Billion dollars into a sputtering system that produces the highest rate of adult illiteracy in the nation.

If that’s what it takes for Texas parents to regain control of our schools, let’s do it.  Let’s drop another $8 Billion Dollars down their black hole with one provision:

The Money Must Follow The Child!

Texas Is At Stake.

Nothing less than the future of Texas is at stake.  Under the abysmal Robin Hood system of school funding, we have severed the link between dollars and accountability.  No matter what Texas Public Schools do, or whom they do it to, virtually unlimited resources gush from Austin.  At this moment, every man, woman and child in Texas is contributing over $1,500/year to Texas Public Schools.  In spite of this vast largess, our children can’t read, write or compute.

It Must Change.

Under Robin Hood, instead of educating children, Texas school districts spend time conniving to “Game” the system.  Their goal is to retain the maximum amount of money for the minimum amount of work.  They’re very good at what they do.

There Are Numerous Examples.

In the on-going Wilmer-Hutchins disaster a Texas Educrat protested the inclusion of students in her district because it would take too much of her “Energy.”  It’s irrelevant to Texas Educrats that Wilmer-Hutchins children have been cheated out of an education for decades.  It’s irrelevant that citizens of Wilmer-Hutchins ISD have suffered under an illegal school district assessment for years.  With Texas Educrats, it’s all about themselves.

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This self-absorbed attitude has devastated Texas children.  While Texas Educrats are not expending “Energy,” fifty percent of Texas schools cannot make Adequate Yearly Progress as defined by No Child Left Behind.

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The “Texas Trail of Tears” continues.  While Texas Educrats are conserving their “Energy” Fifty percent of Texas children entering a state university require remedial training in reading, writing or mathematics.

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What Gets Educrats Energetic?

When it comes to lobbying the Texas Legislature, you’ll NEVER hear a Texas Educrat whining about expending energy.  Give them the scent of your cash and your children and Texas Educrats become “Katy Bar The Door”, “No Holds Barred”, “Look Down Shoot Down”, “Take No Prisoners,” “Whatever It Takes,” “The Ends Justify The Means” shock troops doing what’s necessary to preserve their fiefdoms regardless of the cost to Texas children.

Energetic Educrats Move Quickly.

The Texas Legislature meets once every two years.  Educrats are adept at making the most of a limited opportunity.  During the legislatures biennial session, the Texas Federation of Teachers and allied organizations throw everything they’ve got into relentlessly harassing Texas legislators.  They direct cafeteria workers, janitors, bus drivers and classroom employees to flood the capital with non-stop phone calls, e-mails, and letters demanding that accountability be eliminated while benefits, perks and pay be increased.  Then, as our representatives are about to vote on our children’s future, the unions and their allies inflict the “Coup de Grace.”   Your children’s teachers are directed to leave their classrooms and board the busses.  Texas Educrats abandon your children to personally troll the halls of the state capital and personally get in the face of every legislator they can corral.  Legislators that don’t know anything about the puffy red face standing six inches from his nose are supposed to decide if this so-called “Educator” deserves a raise.

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Educrats know their compensation must come from Austin, not parents.  The last thing Texas Educrats want is to face parents that actually know something about the quality of the education his child has received.  If parents were in charge, there would be no perks, only pink slips.

Educrats Assault The Court.

This term, Texas Educrats found the Legislative and Executive Branches of Texas government less than compliant.  The same people that don’t want to expend their “Energy” educating your children didn’t miss a beat.  They moved to the Judicial.

At this writing, 329 Texas school districts unable to educate your children with the $1,500 they receive from every man, woman and child in Texas are suing every man, woman and child in Texas for more money.  Desperate to avoid accountability, they’re demanding cash from the Texas Supreme Court.  The justices presiding over the case have even less insight into the Educrats abilities than the legislature they’re striving to circumvent.

We Can’t Let This Happen.

If we let them get even more cash without accountability, Texas Educrats will do nothing.  They’ll futz, they’ll fume, they’ll fumble, and they’ll re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, again.  Texas children will continue to be ill served by the same unaccountable EduBlob that’s failed countless millions of Texas children over and over and over again.

Let’s Buy Them Off.

Texas’ children are too important to gamble with.  How the teacher’s unions, the administrators, the superintendents, the school districts and the rest of the Texas Edublob managed to divorce performance from compensation is irrelevant.  What matters is placing parents in charge.  When parents direct the resources, the needs of children, not Educrats, will drive the expenditure of Texas education dollars.

To avoid another ill conceived judicial decision, I propose that Texas capitulate to the demands of the Texas Federation of Teachers and fund their “so-called” 100% solution with one stipulation:

The Money Must Follow The Child!

Child based choice permits parents to select the public, private or parochial school that is most appropriate for their child.

Choice Gets Better.    

As parents will now have more than enough money to purchase education through K12, we need to provide them with incentives to maximize the education dollars they’re provided.

It’s easily done.

Each Texas child will have a “Voucher Account.”  Within this voucher account will reside the total of the unspent monies the child’s parent has saved by shopping wisely for his child’s education.  These funds would then be used to pay for the child’s college education.  With unrestricted fully funded school choice, we get an educated population permitting Texas to lead the globe in prosperity and perspicacity.

Teachers Will Earn More.

Providing parents with “The Power of the Purse” would catapult Educators to the top of paid professionals while Educrats would be summarily dismissed.

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Presently, Texas Educrats have everything.  They’ve got the bucks, the busses, the books, and the buildings.  The only thing they lack is accountability.  Let’s give Texas Educrats everything they ask for and insist they be accountable to parents.

Work With Us!

With 100% fully funded educational vouchers and Voucher Accounts, Texas children will reach their full potential without litigation, without remediation, without delay.

Contact the Governor, your state senator, state representative and your State Board of Education Representative today.  Urge them to support 100% Fully Funded School Choice in Texas.

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