Texas Children Betrayed

Texas Children Betrayed

Generally speaking, Texas Educrats are self-aggrandizing, self-important and self-serving.  Thanks to the indifference of many legislators of the 79th Texas Legislature, they’re self-perpetuating.

On May 24, 2005, 19,000 Texas children were told their lives meant nothing.  The children learned that the continued employment of failed teachers in failed schools was more important than their futures.  To the detriment of all Texas children, the Texas House has decreed that there will be no accountability for Texas public education.


Texas House Bill 1263 was a lifeline for Texas’ most vulnerable children.  This modest proposal would have permitted less than ½ of 1% of Texas’ children to flee ONLY the worst public schools in Texas.


That was too much for Texas teachers.


They know, as we know, that those children can learn.  They know, as we know, that those children can excel.  They know, as we know, that they’ve failed those children miserably.  Thanks to the Texas House, these 19,000 children are heading for oblivion.


Let’s review.  What do we get for the $33+ BILLIONS we spend every year on Texas public education?

Do we get accountability?  Absolutely not!  When it’s time to name names and provide our most vulnerable citizens the option to flee their failed public schools, the Texas Education Agency intervenes.  Commissioner Doctor Shirley Neeley values cronyism over children.  For additional information, Click Here.


Maybe there were extenuating circumstances.  When you say “Failed,” what do you mean?  How bad can these bad schools really be?  How about a school that arguably inflicts statutory child abuse on Texas children and has done so for 40 years under the jaundiced eye of the Texas Education Agency?  Is that bad enough for you?  For additional information, Click Here.


How about Texas schools that turn a blind eye to children that are assaulted because they dare to excel?  Is that bad enough for you?  For details, review Jose’s public testimony.  It’s towards the bottom of the article.  Click Here


You say you’re certain your Texas school’s OK?  You like your children’s teachers, they work really hard and you’re sure they’re doing a good job.


Are they?  How do you know?  Consider this:


A May 18, 2005 editorial in the Austin American Statesman revealed that fully 50% of the freshmen entering state colleges require remediation in math, reading or writing.


In the words of The Statesman, this statistic is:


“A harsh condemnation of public education in Texas”


These are the children that made it to college.  These are the children that had every advantage.  These are the children that passed the TAKS.  These are the children that got their Texas High School Diploma.  These are the children that are the apple of their parent’s eye.  These are the children Texas Teacher’s point to with pride.  These are the children Texas is banking on to lead us into the 21st century.


As revealed by the Austin American Statesman:


Fifty Percent of Our Best Can’t Read, Write or Compute.


How did these kids manage to get a high school diploma when they can’t read, write or compute?  One reason a Texas High School Diploma is worthless is because some schools create “Miracles Through Malfeasance”.  For additional information, Click Here.


Are you still sure you’re children are receiving an education?  Don’t be.



The self-absorbed arguments Texas Educrats’ use to defend their turf are galling.  Educrats insist Texas parents; children and educators prove that the free market works for education.


Newsflash for Educrats, it’s already working.


Because of the free market, Texas colleges and businesses are able to remediate huge percentages of Educrat product.  It’s the free market, not Texas schools that have prevented a slide into third world poverty.  By any objective measure, Texas Educrats are an abject failure.  Thanks to the 79th Legislature, Texas children will continue to suffer at their hands.
I know there are good Texas teachers.  I know the only way to identify them is for a parent to observe his child learning.  If your child isn’t learning, you need to be able to move him immediately.  To empower parents, children and educators, we must have fully funded education vouchers permitting all Texas children to maximize their potential.


When we have vouchers, good Texas teachers will triple their salary.  For additional information, Click Here.



Texans lost the battle, but not the war.  At this stage, Texas Educrats have it all.  They’ve got 100% of our children, 100% of our cash, 100% of the books, 100% of the buildings, 100% of the busses.


It’s time we held their feet to the fire.


Texas Educrats Have 100% Of The Resources.
Texan’s Demand 100% Success.


Work with us to keep the heat on the Legislature and the Educrats.  Let’s make No Child Left Behind mean “No Child Left Behind”.

Contact your State Senator, State Representative, the Governor, and the Lt. Governor and your State School Board Representative.  Ask them to say YES to education, YES to achievement, YES to 100% fully funded Texas Education vouchers.

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