Sugar Baby

Sugar Baby


Many students are finding the cost of college overwhelming.  To cope, some are agreeing to sexual arrangements which they hope will permit them to graduate from college without debt.  What many are finding is the deal is not as represented.  As more and more students seek to become Sugar Babies and seek You Don't Need to be a Sugar Baby to Earn What You Need.a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Momma, they soon find that they are commodities.

Many older guys agree that there’s a great deal of interest in having sex with much younger women.  That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone involved.  What potential sugar babies don’t realize is that these older men, for the most part, are looking for serial relationships that will make it difficult for a young woman to attract and retain someone with the means both to care for her and to pay for her education.  Those that do have the means to do so are highly sought after commodities.  As such, the student is in constant sexual competition with other young women.  This makes the Sugar Babies situation inherently unstable.

There are undoubtedly a great many wealthy individuals that could become a young woman’s benefactor, but attracting and retaining such an individual through a “pay for play” sexual relationship is problematic.

Ask any prostitute, masseuse, hairdresser or lawn care specialist how long a client remains with them.  Any commodity personal service is just that, a commodity.

The largest site permitting Sugar Daddy’s to seek a Sugar Baby is Seeking Arrangements.  The site proudly says than more than 2,000,000 potential Sugar Babies have joined their site just since January of 2016.  That’s TWO MILLION in less than 6 months.Sugar Baby For Hire

The competition for an acceptable relationship is brutal.  As in any situation, the throng of young women wanting a free education will drive the amount paid to play way down and cause potential Sugar Babies to up their game in services rendered.

For most potential Sugar Babies, they’re chasing a dream of a free degree that will never happen.  What does happen will probably not serve the students well.


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