These hoax impeachment proceedings are surreal.  Much to Fang Fang’s boy toy’s dismay, he’s proven there is a God.

How many times did President Trump tweet on a daily basis over the past 48 months?

Nobody knows.  Nobody can know.  It’s an infinite amount.

In this case, the one tweet President Xi’s asset chooses to display was the one tweet that could be readily identified as forged.  The lady involved with the tweet, Jennifer Lynn Lawrence, was depicted as Verified.  Jennifer Lynn Lawrence supports President Trump.  She saw her tweet and KNOWS that she’s not verified.

Lord God Almighty himself directed Eric’s attention toward that tweet and that tweet alone. God is Good.

BUSTED!  The Masked Mouthbreathers yammering in the well of the United States Senate KNOW they have nothing.  They’re forging tweets.  Did you hear?  They’re forging tweets.  They have LESS THAN NOTING.  They’re forging tweets.

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It’s the FISA court all over again.  They’re forging evidence.  THEY HAVE NOTHING.

There’s a legal doctrine called, “Fruit of the Poison Tree.”  Broadly if something is based upon a lie, or something’s obtained illegally, that and subsequent assumptions based on that lie or illegality can’t be considered.

This whole proceeding is a lie.  They didn’t have a predicate, so they stage a pretext, i.e, the Capitol riot hoax.

President Trump, General Flynn, Carter Page, The Constitution, The People of the United States, trust in our government is only a partial list of the wreckage. 

Close these pointless proceedings immediately.  We’ve got a President to elect in 2024.


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