How To Influence Your Elected Representatives

Maximizing Your Influence to
Restore the American Republic

We have tremendous problems in the United States.  Corruption is rampant.  Our elections, courts and elected officials are oblivious to our needs.  They don’t care what we think.  They do what they want, when they want.  They act with impunity because the money that funds their their campaigns doesn’t come from us, their constituents.  It comes from corrupt non-profits, Ukraine oligarchs, Chinese billionaires or tech moguls.  When these billionaires, moguls, oligarchs or non-profits pay for campaigns, they’ve purchased the politician.  At that point, they don’t want to listen to you, they just want to rule over you.

Those are the facts.  What are we going to do about it?  Texas Journal has created an organized framework to win.  We’re asking you to work with us. 

In the short term, we’re going to use GAB to coordinate opinions and express them across a broader population.

Previously, I wrote postal letters to representatives.  Sometimes I would get an unfocused response that tangentially addressed issues I raised.  Then, the politician would tell me he would think about my suggestions and thank me for my opinion.  After that, nothing.

With GAB, I produce directives, comments and communications to my elected representatives much more easily and quickly.  I’m asking you to observe what I do and do the same.  If you’d care to, you’re welcome to model your communications on mine.

Presently, my state and national representatives are:

  • Governor Abbott;
  • Congressman Burgess;
  • Senator Cruz;
  • Senator Cornyn.

All of them have a website with a comments frame.

GAB provides a feature that makes using a post to communicate with elected representatives incredibly easy.  In the upper right hand corner of every post there are three dots.  Regardless of who made the post, by clicking on those three dots, you’ll note the very last option is “Share GAB.”  Click that, the option to the far left copies the URL of the post.  That URL then becomes the core of your communication to senators, congressmen and governors.

If you look at my posts, most of them are commenting on a news article with link provided.  When I communicate with my representatives, the comments in my post become the personal communication to them.  Since you’re commenting on a single source, it’s very easy to stay on point.  As you’re expressing your opinion anyway, make sure your representatives hear it and are aware of the source so they know where your information comes from and why you’re writing. 

This approach provides the following benefits:

  • It’s much easier and quicker than a postal mail letter;
  • Through likes and reposts, Representatives see we’re not alone;
  • Representives learn of our concerns immediately;
  • We have a record of what we said & when we said it for effective follow up.

I ask you to work with us.  Please Follow Texas Journal permitting you to stay informed of our efforts and, as your time allows, work with us to Restore the American Republic.  Follow Texas Journal Click Here

If you’re aware of other patriots willing to work to Restore the Republic, please forward this page or repost to your followers. 

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