United States Collapse

Causes of the United States Collapse

The United States has serious issues that could easily cause the country’s collapse.  Virtually all the issues revolve around Marxist training in our schools, our military, our colleges and our cities.  Anyone considering the issue will find numerous examples of the transgressions.  There are systemic failures throughout the US Government: the Judicial, the Legislative, and the Executive.  From this analyst’s perspective, the leadership of the US Military, the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judicial are complicit in the destruction of our Republic.  No one puts America First.

Washington is oblivious to the impact of its insidious and callous foreign policy and the impact it has on attitudes towards military service and those who might enlist. Historically, military recruits come from conservative states. Southern states with rural and conservative populations prioritize military service as a duty or a rite of passage.

I was raised in a small town in Oklahoma. From the time I learned what my uncles had done during WW2, there was never a question in my mind that I would serve. I did so in the US Marines. Conversely, when my 20-year-old Son asked me about serving, I waived him off. What follows are the reasons why.

The Biden Regime’s insanity and predilection for perpetuating pogroms against entire peoples while supporting non-allies in their insane battle with first-world nuclear powers who have not and will not threaten us provides plenty of reason for all young Americans to reject military service.   In communications with my federal, state, and local representatives, I often remind them that:

1. Israel is not an ally.
2. Ukraine is not an ally.
3. Russia is not an enemy.
4. The Palestinians are not an enemy.
5. Their ONLY allegiance is to the United States.

Thus far, none care. At the national level, all of my representatives are all in on sending America’s sons to fight in their undeclared Jew Wars. Senator Cornyn is especially indifferent to his constituents. While tens of thousands of Texans lie dead at the Southern border, The Senator joined sixteen other RINOs to fund his undeclared Ukrain Jew War.  Click Here.

The United States of America is a failed state. The Executive is DOA. The Legislative is supine and innefective. The Judicial is ignored and scared.

Regarding the above. If I were complicit in the acts described above, my position would be that the author, me, was cherry-picking events. I would demand that anyone making that assertion tell me why we’ve had no borders in this country for almost four years? The answer is simple. Competent national leadership in the United States of America is non-existent.

If we had a competent military leadership that could do its job, that might be a mitigating factor that might compel a young man to join the service. If there were competent military leadership that extoled and edified a meritocratic system permitting anyone with the skills and tenacity to succeed to do so, that might make a difference.

Unfortunately, we don’t. Unlike healthy organizations, when blatant errors are pointed out, rather than reevaluate tactics and methods, people are jailed and discharged. Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller found out when he questioned the Afghanistan debacle caused by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley.

The United States Armed Forces are rife with retrubution, coercion and anti-White racism. For example, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin abandoned $85 billion dollars’ worth of functioning military equipment to an enemy we’d been fighting for more than 20 years in Afghanistan. It wasn’t enough to just leave, General Austin ordered Uni


We do appear to be rapidly approaching the final stage of the Ukraine chapter of WWIII. Which should not be confused with the final stage of WWIII. We’re still in the beginning phase, albeit possibly getting closer to the end of the beginning.

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