Monetizing GAB

Monetizing GAB

If you have engaged followers on GAB, or another social media platform, we can help you monetize that support into a recurring income.

Please take a moment to review my brief one-page presentation explaining to potential registrants why they should support Texas Journal and our America First Mission to support the United States as founded.  If you like, you may use my current solicitation as your model. 

After your review, please return to this page.    Click Here

As you see, We’re selling a very inexpensive subscription product.  It costs $20.00/year.  In addition to supporting you, your registrants have the possibility of sharing a multi-million dollar jackpot. 

People find that intriguing and fun. 

There are three drawings per week.  We provide marketing support for the Wednesday and Saturday drawings.  That permits you to communicate with potential registrants four times a week.  We provide the advertising collateral to support those communications.

We’re in all three drawings.  Should we win a jackpot in any of the three drawings all current registrants will receive their share.  Nevertheless, we only report the Wednesday and Saturday results.  We want our communications to be anticipated, not tedious.

The substance of those communications are:

  • Report
  • Remind
  • Report
  • Remind

The report is reporting the results of the latest drawing.  Remind permits us to remind people both of the drawing and the amount we might win.  We provide advertising collateral for you to present with your message. 

We help Promote You – Check Out our Current Collateral:  Click Here

Touching bases with your followers is a great way to generate interest and new registrants. 

The most recent images will be on the collateral page above.  You’ll right-click and save them to use in your own recurring campaign.

We pay 50% of the gross for each new registrant you deliver.  That will be $10.00.  We absorb PayPal’s transaction fees.  Recall that this is a subscription product.  You will receive this remittance annually for as long as they remain. 

Over time, your earnings could be very substantial.  If you’re ready to go, simply register and let me know you want to begin earning from your followers.  I’ll create a remittance page so you can begin earning by directing followers there.  Please be sure to message us as described below so I’ll know to create a page.

To Register:  Click Here

If you have questions, I’m happy to respond.  If you’ve registered and intend to promote the product, please let me know via the Contact Form at this site.  The link to the form is below.  

Please place: 

Monetize GAB

in the subject line.

To access the contact form:  Click Here



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