School Vouchers

School Vouchers permitting children to attend the safest and most effective school to assure their future success is a plan that is long overdue.

Within this site, you’ll learn how our government schools have become dangerous, nihilistic, hedonist, opportunistic sanctuaries for mediocrity and plodding mendacity.

Their consistent predilection for manipulating facts, redefining terms, rewriting history, bullying, and intimidation is well documented.  Their basic solution to every problem—more government control—is leading to authoritarianism in ways that America’s founders specifically worked to prevent.  Too many government schools are handmaidens of the lunatic left. 

Government schools are less interested in your children’s success than they are in perpetuating their monopoly.

The only way to rectify this situation and restore American Education to greatness is through school vouchers.  Education dollars must follow children, not geographical districts.  With such a system, good government schools will remain fully funded, and failing public schools will collapse as parents decide to make better choices for their children.

A mind is a terrible thing to lose.  We’ll save minds and lives as parents are put in charge of their children’s education.

Support Children – Support Choice



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