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Texas Journal loves GAB.  We’ve been active since January 2021.  We’ve made new friends and learned much from them.  As we engage with people we find ourselves making similar points repeatedly and looking for information we’ve previously presented to use in making another point. We’ve created a system to organize our information making it more readily accessible and easier to find.

Before posting to GAB, we draft significant posts here in Texas Journal, permitting us to assure it’s complete, cogent, and compelling with sources cited.   

You’re welcome to use what we’ve done.  It can save you a lot of work.  

Organized, accessible, relevant information at your fingertips makes you smarter and more influential. 

Begin your journey today.

Our FREE index gives you the direct URL and content of the post.  If you follow Texas Journal, we’ll tell you when we update it.

Your life just got easier. 😉

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