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We believe that the lack of school choice is THE foundational danger to the Republic.  Educrats and their incessant efforts to misshape our children into whatever their most recent misunderstanding of whichever “Theory” is currently in vogue has led to pathetic results.  These results are antithetical to our children’s well-being.

The solution is school choice.  With a simple educational voucher system, your child’s educational dollars will follow your child into the provider that most ably educates your children.

If you take your vehicle to a mechanic that can’t fix your car, you find another mechanic that can.  If car repair were handled like our schools, you’d be compelled to take your vehicle back to the same incompetent mechanic over and over again, just because he was closest, unionized and had convinced the state that you must.

It’s absurd for your car and a disaster for your children.

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