DIE – Multi-Racial – Multi-Gender – US Military Death March – 20220117

The US Military’s Self Inflicted Death March via DIE
Diversity – Inclusion – Equity

The United States Military, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and lesser luminaries in the United States Government are making serious errors that will cost thousands of lives, if not our national sovereignty.

The US Government concept of Diversity Inclusion and Equity bears an appropriate acronym, i.e. D.I.E.   We’re now pursuing a caste system in the US government that guarantees that all women and both male and female non-whites are placed in positions regardless of their qualifications or interests.  They’re elevated solely because of their skin color or genitalia.

Government Worried Astronauts Not Diverse
Air Force Special Forces Reduces Standards for Woman
NASA Report Demanding Diversity Rather Than Competence
Whistleblower Report – How Special Forces Was Corrupted For Woke

Texas Journal Ten Minute Message

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