George Soros DA Can Be Defeated When We Insist on ONLY Constituent Funding For Elections – 20220130

ONLY Local Funding For Elections.

George Soros can topple nations and buy our elections because we permit anyone, anywhere to fund candidates.

To stop the travesty that is George Soros, in the United States, we need to restrict political contributions to those that are governed by the candidate.  For example, in the references provided Soros and Soros controlled entities spent $18,453,000 on 23 elections.  That’s more than $800,000 each on average.  These dollars were donated by people and entities that will not suffer the consequences of a Soros-controlled corrupt District Attorney.

We don’t permit foreign influence in national elections.  We need to define “Foreign Influence” as anyone not served by an office as foreign.  With this paradigm, no California money in Texas elections and no Soros money in any election, unless he lives in the area served by the office.

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