Howard Stern and the National Education Association NEA Want You Dead – 20220124

Howard Stern and the National Education Association
Want you Dead

Hillary Clinton’s Grandfather, Howard Stern, and the Lunatic Marxists at the National Educational Association want you dead.

If you’re a Pure Blood that’s declined to take Unelected Resident Biden’s Deadly Experimental Abortion Tainted Clot Shot, you’re on their radar.

They’ve received 100% of every deadly clot shot and booster clot shot known to man, and yet, they fear to leave their living rooms.

They’ve unilaterally declared you an existential threat, and want you dead.

Howard Stern – Pure Bloods Can Go Home and Die
NEA Board Member Demands Death to Pure Bloods
North Texas Doctors Kick Pure Bloods to the Curb
The NEA Final Solution Marxist Works at General McLane High School

Texas Journal Ten Minute Message

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