Slave State Governor Gavin Newsom Picks Up Trash – 20220125

Governors Newsom of California and
Grisham of New Mexico

Strike a Pose for the Rubes

California Governor Newsom has learned that a few hours working beside the road with a trash bag and poker is a good way to put one over on his constituents.  It worked so well, he’s done it multiple times.

New Mexico Governor Grisham prefers to posture in front of the children.  Rather than supporting the solution for America’s collapsing public education system, school choice, she uses students as props to posture before the public.

To Beat Larry Elder, Newsom Grabs a Garbage Bag
Newsom Observes His Garbage is full of Toys, Homework, and Broken Dreams.
Grisham Postures Before Children

Texas Journal Ten-Minute Message

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