Poll Tax

The 21st Century Poll Tax


Unfortunately, we have more than our share of folks that have no interest in honoring the “Will of the People” in the run for the White House.  Many republicans and democrats alike want nothing to do with democracy.  Rather… shady polls in are going to take care of us.. they’re going to look out for us.. they’re going to protect us from ourselves… they’re going to assure we get the best person for the job, irrespective of of what the American people want.

Both major parties have constituted and established what can best be described as a 21st Century Poll Tax.   We don’t pay money, we pay fealty to a corrupt and contemptable system undermining the will of the people every bit as much as the mandatory remittance of funds thwarted the minority population more than 50 years ago.  

This Delegate Knows Best



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