Universal School Choice

Thank you for visiting.  Texas Journal is a powerful advocate of Universal School Choice. We believe putting parents in charge of their children’s education through choice is an essential prerequisite to perpetuating our culture.

Right now, our schools are not working.  We’d like to be instrumental in fixing that.  We’re hoping you will help. 

Here’s a very brief personal biography.

My name is: Dave Zenker

Other Information: 

  • I’m a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
  • I Hold Both a Bachelors and Masters in Accountancy
  • I’ve taught the same as an Adjunct Professor at two Universities.
  • I’m a Published Author (Not Just the Internet)
  • I’ve been working in accounting/finance for over 30 years.
  • I’m very active in my Church.
  • I served 6 years in the US Marines  – Honorably Discharged – Staff Sergeant
  • One child, adopted in 2003
  • I’m a Certified SCUBA Diver (NAUI)
  • I’m a Private Pilot
  • I’ve run in the Pike’s Peak Marathon 14 times.

In the ’90s and early 2000s, I was VERY active in school choice in Texas.  I traveled to Austin frequently working with people there.  I met Newt Gingrich while working with American’s For Prosperity.  During this time, I was writing all the Texas State Legislators on a weekly basis.  I also testified before the Texas State Legislature in Support of School Choice. 

Things were going very well.  I was planning to run for the Texas State Legislature and was successfully garnering support.  Then,  unexpectedly, I experienced… Divorce, Disruption, Dismay.  That was in 2006.

Now I’m back and ready to begin again.  Full disclosure, we are not a non-profit.  Nothing you give is tax-deductible.

I’m going to request that you do three things.   

I request your support.  In return, I can provide the chance to share millions.  My traffic aggregator is LottoCentral.com.  It’s a free lotto pool.  In addition to free play, which requires registration for each game, we offer an entertaining and inexpensive subscription product.  It is $20 per year.

I then use these remittances to work towards Universal School Choice.

As previously noted, Lotto Central is our traffic aggregator.  It’s useful to expand our e-mail list and provide you, our supporters, with a fun product that could pay off handsomely.

I’ve started a Universal School Choice (USC) group at GAB.  I request that you join. 

Summarizing, I’m asking for three things: 


Thank You!


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