Top 20 Sugar Baby Universities

Top Twenty Sugar Baby Universities


Sugar Baby relationships are young women and men that officially sell “companionship” to an older man or woman who would like to have them around.  Companionship may or may not include a sexual relationship, but it’s likely that it will.

The money that changes hands can be very significant.  Texas Journal was asked Pay For Anything Without Sugaring.what universities currently have the most of these types of relationships.   The numbers change quickly.  The largest site dedicated to creating these types of relationships is Seeking Arrangement.  They report that there have been more than two million new potential Sugar Babies subscribe within the last six months.

So, here’s the current list, but it will probably change quickly:

  1. Georgia State University
  2. New York University
  3. Temple University
  4. University of Central Florida
  5. University of Southern Florida
  6. Arizona State University
  7. Florida International University
  8. University of Georgia
  9. Indiana University
  10. Texas State University
  11. Kent State University
  12. Penn State University
  13. University of North Texas
  14. Florida State University
  15. Tulane University
  16. Michigan State University
  17. Ohio University
  18. Columbia University
  19. University of Alabama 96
  20. University of California-Los Angeles

The prospect of obtaining a degree for companionship is an enticing proposition, but the probability of it happening is remote.  There are tens of millions of Sugar Baby For Hirebeautiful young people in need and a finite number of rich benefactors.   That places most sugar babies at a competitive disadvantage.  

Texas Journal has detailed a number of the potential problems.  Click Here

You babies be careful out there.  There are a lot of wolves posing as protectors.



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