00002 20210209 Staged Capital Insurrection

Please take a look at these two short videos.  The “Insurrection” was a false flag.  Guys were milling around like they didn’t know what to do.  They were being told what to do by people staging their activities.  This was all choreographed to provide a pretext for Biden to turn  Washington DC into GITMO and steal the election. 

Video 1 – Capital Agitators Were Role-Playing  – Along with the Capitol Police escorting participants in the building.  This Insurrection was a Hoax:  Click Here

Video 2 – This video shows actions inside the Capitol.  The actions are staged.  This Insurrection was a Hoax. :  Click Here

Video 3 – DC Police Coordinated With ATIFA in Attacking the Capitol Building – Witness Testimony and Supporting Video.  This Insurrection was a Hoax.  Click Here


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