We See Our Country Clearly
No More Beer Goggles

It’s been two years since the worst America has to offer assumed control of our government.  Out of an “Abundance of Caution,” we gave them two weeks to flatten the curve.  Those two weeks quickly became two years. 

I hate that phrase, “Abundance of Caution.” We yammered that meaningless phrase repeatedly as we blissfully walked into the furnace, like Jews at Auschwitz. 

Unconditional trust in our government cost many their lives.  The events of the past two years forever took the sheen off the United States.  We’re not one people, one Nation Under God.  We’re a gaggle of contentious tribes, some of which are hell-bent on commanding and controlling everyone, everywhere.  They attempted, and are still attempting, to initiate The Great Reset. 

The Beer Goggles are off.  No more illusions.  We now see these people for who and what they are.  Our public health officials do not have our best interest at heart.  They couldn’t care less about us.

Too many people have kept their “Beer Goggles” firmly in place for two years.  This inattention let hideous people inflict insane policies killing and injuring hundreds of thousands of Americans.  Complacency and undeserved trust led Americans to inject Deadly Experimental Abortion Tainted Clot Shots.  All the while, effective therapeutics were readily available.  The deadly clot shots would place many Americans in an early grave.

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To keep us uninformed and pliable, significant elements of State media suppressed the truth.  The poison soup of legacy media and Chinese-controlled electronic media hid the truth and de-platformed those daring to speak the truth.

When Trump’s re-elected in 2024, our tormentors deserve the total weight of our anti-trust laws.  Media owners should be jailed for the deaths caused by suppressing the truth.

We’re FINALLY following in the footsteps of free peoples.  The Scandanavians, i.e., Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands, are quickly reclaiming their freedoms.

Tragically, the United States, Canada, Australia, the UK, and other English-speaking nations, are the epicenter of the Covidian Death Cult. 

The Scandinavian countries are an example of good governance.  They had no interest in supplanting their populations with a flood of illegal immigrants.  Since they support and care for their fellow citizens, they quickly followed the science and returned to normal. 

Not the English-speaking world.  Canada has gone full-blown NAZI.  Justin Trudeau’s Canada is more like Pol Pot’s Cambodia than a nation of free men.  Dictator Trudeau is determined to suppress dissent, free speech, freedom of association, and other human liberties we formerly took for granted in a free nation.  Australia is worse.  The land down under gained notoriety for mandatory incarceration in covid concentration camps.

If not for our Federal System and the Second Amendment, the United States would be a slave state just as Canada and Australia are.  Fully 65% of American Marxists believe the Canadian system of suppression should be implemented in the United States.

Covid exposed more than just the corruption in our medical, pharmacological, and research systems; it exposed corruption everywhere and proved the pharmaceutical industry owns our educational and political establishments. 

The following is a commentary on critical systems corrupted and co-opted by President Biden.  He attempted to turn living and breathing Americans into cattle.  His human herd would line his pockets as pharma injected their deadly recurring vaccinations. 


Educrats and their union bosses took full advantage of the plandemic.  Schools are closed while classroom educrats, goaded by union bosses, insisted on insane approaches maximizing educrat time off rather than maximizing student learning.  Across the land, lack of education is masked by accusing White children of racism for their success and positing Critical Race Theory as the reason non-whites fail and fail and fail again in schools wholly owned and operated by non-whites.

All children do better when held to objective standards and challenged by competent educators.  Educrat-run government schools have failed our children miserably, leading to a renaissance of homeschooling and, thanks to parents, a resurgence of learning.


The United States shut down small businesses while big box stores remained open.  The preposterous premise that China Virus was only transmissible in an entrepreneur’s presence was presumed throughout the scamdemic.  This absurd contention permitted the federal government to shut down the economy while printing trillions of dollars to pay off their cronies.  This theft resulted in Six Trillion Dollars wasted.    


During the scamdemic, the United States Government violated the First Amendment.  The faithful were denied corporate worship of Almighty God.  You could visit your local liquor store or open-air drug bazaar, but Church was non-essential.  One day, a just God will ask us what we were thinking.

Marxists are already denying responsibility for their unilateral imposition of:

  • Criminal Vaccine Mandates
  • Suppression of Free Speech
  • Destruction of the Nuclear Family
  • Imposition of a Racial Caste System

Americans are now more realistic about their country and themselves.  There are stark differences between foundational citizens and the Marxists that currently preside over us.  These hideous demagogs would immediately impose the same tyrannical model that led to tens of millions of murders in Cambodia, Cuba, the Soviet Union, and China. 

We must never again permit ourselves to be subjugated by the totalitarian instincts of maniacal democrats.  To defeat their plans, we must first and foremost strengthen our federal system, assuring we remain a nation of laws, not men, and making all critical decisions at the lowest possible level. 

To avoid the next scamdemic driven lockdown, we must insist that the individual makes individual health decisions and every other personal decision, without exception.

From reading The Great Reset, by Klaus Schwab, we know he and other nefarious players intend to precipitate numerous medical and climate emergencies.  Used aggressively, our Federal System, and God’s Providence will permit us to persist and prevail.

God Help us All – God Bless Texas

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