Consistent Contributions are Key

If you love the United States and want to see it return to its Constitutional Principals, all of us, each and every one of us has to get in the game.  The time to act is now.

This short piece is to tell you what I’ve done and what I’m doing to save the country.  I’m asking you to do the same.

I have three requests:

  1.  Support Trump
  2. Support GAB
  3. Support Texas Journal

Everyone’s circumstances are different.  There’s no need for anyone to do exactly what I do.  The absolute critical factor in assuring our children have a future is our consistency of action.

Aside from the Lord, I place my faith in President Trump, Andrew Torba (GAB Founder), and myself (through my work with Texas Journal).

Claim Your Cash Prize

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President Trump

When I decided that President Trump was my guy, I committed to consistently contribute $2.00/month.  Is that laughable?  Not if everyone did so.  Assuming 75 Million Supporters you’ve got $150 Million/month or $1.8 Billion/year.   Nearly $2 Billion a year costing each of us only $2.00/month.

That’s competitive with Silicon Valley and George Soros.  We can do anything with $1.8 Billion/year.

As for myself, I would also respond to, not all, but some specific requests for cash with anywhere from $25.00 to $200.00.

On March 27, 2021, I made my first $50.00 monthly donation to President Trumps PAC.  This is my new consistent monthly donation.  If you follow suit, please make sure you’re giving to the right organization. 

The President’s location is:


Remember, you need not give $50/month.  Any amount is good.  Pick an amount that won’t strain your budget and contribute consistently.   

Andrew Torba (GAB Founder)

We must be able to communicate, organize and locate allies.  There’s no game in town but GAB.  GAB is beating off hackers, de-platformers, de-funders, and all manner of nefarious players that would like nothing more than to silence us all.  It takes tons of money for Andrew to build and sustain our own infrastructure independent of Amazon, Microsoft, Dell, Cisco, Fakebook, Twaddle, or any of the other bad actors working to perpetuate the coup.

I came in at the $500.00-lifetime level.  I LOVE GAB Pro Features.

In addition, I continue to support GAB with periodic donations several times a year.  The last one was $25.00.  The next one might be $10.00.  Everything helps GAB keep up and running permitting us to organize, communicate, prosper and prevail.  

Go GAB Pro

Texas Journal

Texas Journal is used to clarify, coordinate and communicate critical information we need to prevail in the battle for our country.  I ask that you support our efforts.  Our product is $20.00/year.  Unlike other products, you could get that back and much more.  Have a look.  Click Here

Dominate DC

Dominate DC – Click Here!

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