20231231 – America on the Edge

America’s On The Edge

Twenty-twenty-four is a pivotal year for what remains of the United States.  Our 2020 Presidential election was stolen.  Texas Attorney Ken Paxton concluded it was.  Click Here.   President Trump, the winner of the 2020 election, knows it was stolen.  Click Here.  President Trump, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, and I thought the United States Supreme Court would restore justice.  Even though nineteen states, led by Texas, begged the court to review the election, they declined.  Click Here.

The SCOTUS betrayal was unanticipated.  The methods by which the election was stolen are many, manifold, and obvious.  That made SCOTU’s dereliction of duty even more frightening for those who still value the Constitutional Republic and the rule of law.  I believe the court was intimidated by the lack of security provided by the deep state.  Before 2020, during the time leading up to the stolen election, abortion rights protestors were assembled outside of Justice’s home and were permitted to intimidate SCOTUS judges at will without arrest.  The intimidated Justices feared for their lives throughout this period.  This fear persisted through the 2020 steal, resulting in their abandoning their Constitutional responsibilities.  In Gore v Bush, the court deliberated on ‘Hanging Chads.”   In the case of “STATE OF TEXAS v.  COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA, STATE OF GEORGIA, STATE OF MICHIGAN, AND STATE OF WISCONSIN, SCOTUS couldn’t find the time to settle the issue even though 19 states and the sitting President of the United States requested they do so. 

Those are the actions of a SCOTUS who’s intimidated, supine, and afraid for their lives.

The theft of the 2020 Presidential election emboldened the deep state.  Resident Biden and his henchmen have concluded the Republic has fallen, and they must no longer stand for re-election.  This attitude has driven America to her knees.  If it happens again in 2024, there is no longer a United States of America. 

It gets worse.  Resident Biden has unilaterally involved us in two Jewish wars.  We’re supporting Jews in Ukraine and Jews in Israel.  Both corrupt nations are known throughout their respective regions as undemocratic hellholes that value neither human life nor truth.

e are at the edge of many things which could blow up soon.  The American people are past President Joe Biden’s eight-year-old lies that he has never mentioned Hunter Biden’s get-rich-quick schemes.  All of these were based on the belief that foreign interests bought influence from the Bidens, then senator, vice president, and perhaps soon-to-be President Joe Biden.  . 


As congressional committees and an independent prosecutor untangle years of quid-pro-quos, the Bidens risk criminal charges for multimillion-dollar fraud in tax, perjury and influence-selling.


Hunter, despite being indicted, remains reckless and unpredictable. He continues to blame the mounting legal issues on others, rather than his own selfishness.


Hunter intentionally involves his family, and could even bring his father down. His tax attorneys have threatened to call Joe Biden, the President of the United States to testify under oath on his behalf.


He continues to court scandal by selling amateurish “representational art” to wealthy quid-pro quo wannabes and those who want to have clout in the White House.


His laptop messages reveal an angry prodigal who is frustrated that his bagman service was never fully appreciated.


Hunter’s laptop, which he lost, is a trove of illicit Petronian sex and drug-addled excess, interspersed with his family communications about the distribution of pay-for play payoffs.


Hunter’s business assistants will be asked to elaborate on the already incriminating testimony they have given.


Soon, the contents of Joe Biden’s various alias email will be subject to new scrutiny.


Biden’s age, his physical and moral frailties and the poor polling may cause the Democratic hierarchy and the left-wing media to stop circling around him. Some may instead fuel the effort by releasing, or even leaking incriminating evidence to sandbag Biden’s 2024 candidacy.


The tenure of Harvard President Claudine gay is even more precarious than Biden’s. Harvard cannot claim to be America’s premier academic institution and continue to protect an accused plagiarist.


It cannot claim to be the moral and intellectual center of academia if the president of that institution is not willing to punish those who call daily for the destruction and genocide against the Jewish people and Israel. Gay can’t lie to Congress about how Harvard has allowed hate speech against whole groups in the past, just as it does now against Jews.


It is not acceptable for Gay to dismiss calls for her resignation by calling them “racist”. In fact, as the public becomes more familiar with her academic career, she appears to be the beneficiary of racist policies, and not the victim.


Since the October 7 Hamas massacre of 1,200 Jews, anti-Israeli/pro-Hamas protests, often violent, have swept the Western world, particularly in the big cities and on campuses of America.


The protesters no longer differentiate between being antisemitic and being antisemitic. They now openly chant anti-Semitic slogans and harass Jews.


Pro-Hamas protesters have defaced or swarmed nearly all of our nation’s most revered monuments, from the Lincoln Memorial to White House Gates, from New York City’s Naivety Scene to New York Rockefeller Center’s famous Christmas Tree, to the Manhattan Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge.


Americans are becoming increasingly tired of these protests that continue to escalate for many reasons. The majority of Americans remember that the war on October 7 began not with Israeli attacks preemptively against an independent Gaza but after Hamas terrorists committed atrocities in Israel.


The war that is currently being fought is between a state with a constitution and free elections, and an autocratic terrorist group.


Hamas, for its part, has refused to negotiate a ceasefire which would have allowed international elections in Gaza. This was forbidden by Hamas leaders who live in luxury abroad.


The majority of anti-Jewish protestors who are loudest and violent in the U.S., whether they have green cards or student visas, are immigrants. Americans are confused by this fact.


Once in America, why would people who fled dictatorships in the Middle East in order to study, to work or to reside here in freedom rally in support of the very dictatorships that they left behind?


Why would they trash the values and foundation of their American hosts, which ensured their newly-found freedoms?


The American people has been relatively quiet as they have digested the ongoing disasters. At some point their patience will be exhausted.


The Americans will collectively conclude, then, that Joe Biden never told the truth about the vast amounts of ill-gotten money that enriched his family, that Harvard is not preeminent or even prestigious, and that those who don’t like us, our laws and our values, should cheer on Hamas work from their homes.


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