Fort Worth ISD Defines Deviance Down

Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD) continues to
“Define Deviance Down.” 

July 4, 2018

Full blown lunacy at one of Texas’ largest school districts puts children in the cross-hairs of so-called “Gender Identity” training.  It’s as if Fort Worth had been teleported to California placing Texas children in a bizarro world where the transgender pseudoscience rules the day.

Don't Need Gender Training - Need School ChoiceWhat’s worse than wasting our children’s time on pseudoscience? Wasting our children’s time on pseudoscience behind the backs of FWISD parents.     

In spite of Attorney General Paxton’s reminding FWISD Superintendent Dr. Kent Scribner that parents have rights permitting them unfettered access to 100% of their children’s information, the district continues their egregious violations of the Texas Education Code. 

The summary of this AG communication follows.  To review the complete text of the Texas Attorney General’s 2016082 piece, Click Here

Chapter 26 of the Education Code provides that parents must have access to all written records of a school district concerning their child, as well as full information regarding the child’s school activities.  Attempts to encourage a child to withhold information from his or her parents may be grounds for discipline.  To the extent that the Transgender Student Guidelines adopted by the Fort Worth Independent School District superintendent limit parental access to information about their child and operate to encourage students to withhold information from parents contrary to the provisions in chapter 26, they violate state law.

                Chapter 11 of the Education Code requires that boards of trustees adopt policies for the district, while superintendents implement those policies by developing administrative regulations.  While a superintendent is authorized to recommend policies to be adopted by the board, chapter 11 requires that policy decisions, like those addressing parental involvement with students’ gender identity choices, be addressed by the board of trustees prior to the development of any related administrative guidelines.

Compliance is still elusive.

FWISD Superintendent Kent Scribner didn’t care what the AG thought.  His indifference to parents and the Texas Attorney General resulted in the issuance of another directive on 20180628.   Click Here

The final two paragraphs of the 2018 letter admonish the superintendent:

                Fort Worth ISD must comply with the protections of the Texas Education Code by providing parents will full access to all records and curriculum concerning their child and the public complete access to the human sexuality curriculum.  Pursuant to this letter, the Office of the Attorney General requests that the District deliver a complete copy of the District’s human sexuality curriculum to this Office no later than ten business days after receipt of this letter.  Please send the records to David H. Hacker, Special Counsel for Civil Litigation, Office of the Attorney General, 209 West 14th Street, Mail Code 001, Austin Texas 78701.  You may also address any clarifications or questions concerning this request to Mr. Hacker. 

                I appreciate your prompt attention to this request, and encourage you to heed the parental and public rights embedded in the Education Code, lest the District risk legal liability for failure to comply.

As of June 29, 2018, the district was still defying parents and the Texas Attorney General.

According to article dated June 29, 2018:

Clint Bond, a spokesman for the Fort Worth school district, said students can’t take home their workbooks because the material is sensitive.

“If it does fall into immature hands we don’t want that to happen,” he said. “Parents are welcome when they are open, and there’s a campus administrator or central administration. And we’ll put them with the right people so they can review that material.”

The children can see the materials, but parents have to jump through “FWISD Hoops” to see these “sensitive” public records.  Why is a high school curriculum sensitive?  It seems evident the preposterous Mr. Bond continues to erect artificial barriers to parents in violation of the law. 

The egregious actions of the Fort Worth Independent School District under the misguided leadership of Dr. Scribner are a black eye on Texas Public Schools throughout the state.

Isn’t it absurd that at least two letters, one two years ago and another last month demanding the same thing, i.e., that FWISD complies with the law are still being ignored?

Wasting education dollars and education time on pseudoscience is tragic, but it’s not the point.  The point is that renegade Texas districts withhold information from parents, Fundraisingmaking informed decisions by Texas families impossible. 

To date, FWISD’s end game is obstruction and obfuscation.  Will FWISD comply? Probably not.

According to a July 3, 2018, Dallas Observer article, the aforementioned Clint Bond was quoted as saying:

Despite having the spotlight on it, Fort Worth ISD is not making any changes to how or what it teaches.

“We’re not feeling any pressure,” Bond said.

 It seems that Bond and Scribner couldn’t care less.

FWISD is not alone.  This type of arrogance is pervasive in public education.  There are good instructors in public schools, but what are they supposed to do in this situation? 

According to a December 17, 2017, Star-Telegram piece, Dr. Scribner is paid a base salary of $330,000 and a bonus of $25,000.  This even though Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Texas called for his resignation in 2016 for persistent illegalities described in this piece.

Fort Worth ISD is not getting much for its money.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars a year is a lot to pay for social engineers like Dr. Scribner.  The travesty gets worse.  According to the same Star-Telegram piece, actual Children Need School Choiceeducators earn an average of only $57,220.  Social Engineers like Scribner live like kings while actual educators can barely afford to live indoors.  When Texas has Choice for Children, parents will place their children with teachers that teach permitting those performing well to earn what they’re worth. 

Anyone that cares about Texas children supports Choice for Children.  If you don’t support choice, you don’t support children.

That’s our goal, Choice for Children.  According to a 20170614 Star-Telegram piece, Texas will spend 60 Billion dollars on government schools over the next two years.  What if that money were used to educate, instead of indoctrinating? 

Is this a big deal?  What harm is there in letting Scribner and his ilk play God with Texas children? 

The UK’s experience is illustrative.

The UK has always been a few years ahead of us in the head-long run down the rabbit hole.  According to this July 5, 2018 piece in The Telegraph, only two-thirds of Generation Z identify as exclusively heterosexual.  The first Generation Z birth occurred in 1995.  At this writing the youngest of the Zs are 6 years old.  Those are the children Superintendent Scribner is presently propagandizing against your will. 

Dr. Scribner doesn’t understand that education, real education, is essential.  So-called education that validates a child’s chaotic thinking is a travesty.  Children need clarity, not confusion.  Clarity comes from families, not from pseudoscience. 

The superintendent is oblivious to facts.     

Rather than teaching Fort Worth children, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, the FWISD Clown College is arguing amongst themselves over which bathroom to use and squandering district dollars that could be used to educate your children.  Instead of educating children, they’re perpetuating a farce. 

They’ve been doing so for years. 

What if you had the power to deny funds to those that violate your trust and reward teachers actually educating your children?  What if you had the power to save your children from social engineering and assure they were taught something of value?  What if you could select authentic educators that shared your values and respected your wishes?  What if you didn’t have to wait years for this result?  What if you could simply place your children is a good school? 

You can. 

Support Education Vouchers for Texas children.  When the money follows the child, Texas parents will have not only the motive but the means to assure their children are educated, rather than indoctrinated. 

Justice delayed is justice denied.  Two years is too long to wait to deliver justice to Fort Worth children.  Without school choice, this “Deep State” Texas School District will continue to violate the law and do irreparable harm to most vulnerable.   

Help us.  Universal School Choice is the ONLY way to right the wrongs of public education.

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