Babbling Glenn Beck Strikes Again

Babbling Glenn Beck Strikes Again!


While Donald Trump is doing the REAL heavy lifting required to take our country back, i.e., highlighting the important issues of illegal immigrants including the hideous murders of American Citizens while concurrently devising strategies to stop the massacres Click Here , our old buddy Glenn Beck and his merry crew of nitwits have decided to smear Cheeto Dust on their faces.  Click Here  or  Click Here

Thanks to Donald Trump, those victimized by criminal illegal aliens have finally received a long denied platform to both profess and protest the injustice inflicted on their families.  All the while, the Obama administration encourages more illegal immigration leading to the inevitable death of more US citizens

In spite of the carnage, or perhaps because of it, Beck and his Romper Room compadres decided a Cheeto Dust facial would be a super way to spend the afternoon.  What better way to mock Donald Trump’s appearance and his efforts on behalf of the American People?

What’s been the result of Beck’s lunacy?  Have there been ramifications?  Did the Donald pay a price for Beck’s courageous protest?  From the filmed evidence, it looks like this plucky young firebrand and the giggling goofballs he leads conducted this moronic protest from deep within his lair.

Was there a price to pay for this devastating rejoinder?  Has Beck’s madness manifest itself in The Donald loosing support?  Is The Donald on the ropes?

Not exactly. 

The man who’s promised to “Build The Wall” and vows to place “America First” seems to have his reputation intact.  Who but Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the illegal immigrants waving Mexican Flags and Glenn Beck don’t want America to be first?  

Donald Trump has much bigger fish to fry.  Even Beck can’t possibly believe anyone cares what he thinks.  The reasons for his inane actions are evident.  He’s trying to regain his lost notoriety by tagging along with Senator Cruz and offering him his “support.”  When the Senator is not in town, he performs childish antics for a dwindling audience.  I don’t think the next President of the United States pays much attention to a clownish oaf and the blockheads he leads.

In fact, according the the NY Post, Donald Trump may well amass the most primary votes in Republican history.  Click Here

We anticipate that Beck will probably try to put lipstick on his pig by saying something like,

“Just think how many votes Trump would have gotten if I had failed to land this devastating blow to his campaign.” 

It’s a lot like Obama telling us how bad the economy would have been if he hadn’t given BILLIONS to Solyndra’s goofy green scam.  Click Here  and  Click Here

Mr. Trump seems to have survived being mocked by Cheeto dust wearing nitwits, but, per The Daily Caller  Click Here,  and The Daily Beast  Click Here  Beck’s been forced to lay off more than three three dozen employees and has lost more than $500,000 supporting Senator Cruz. 

The Glenn Beck net worth has taken a significant hit.

Beck and Cruz are are the Dream Team for Donald Trump.  If only Hillary could be counted on to be this inept. 

Despite Senator Cruz’s inexplicable association with Glenn Beck, the Texas Journal still maintains that the perfect ticket to defeat Hillary Clinton and begin the arduous process of bringing the United States back from the brink is a Trump/Cruz Ticket.  Click Here

Senator Cruz, for the sake of our country, please dump Beck and align yourself with Donald Trump.  Together, you would be unstoppable.


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