Could Babbling Glenn Beck Hurt Cruz

Babbling Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck, a Mormon, has declared that Christians voting for Trump do not take their faith seriously.  As quoted by The Hill, Beck claims:

No Christian, no real Christian — I don’t mean a judgemental Christian, I mean somebody who is living their faith — no real Christian says.”I want that guy, that guy is for me,” he said during a broadcast of his radio show, “Nobody, Nobody.”

You’d think he’d spend less time insulting Christians and more time trying to get a handle on the nearly 4,000 revisions made since 1830 to his Book of MormonClick Here

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Christians know what the inerrant word of God says.  Beck should spend less time formulating his gratuitous insults and more time reading the Bible.  It’s never too late to give your soul to the Lord, Glenn.   FYI… Joseph Smith is not the Lord, nor is he a prophet of the Lord.

When Glenn Beck left FOX News a few years ago the level of discourse improved substantially.  Beck’s next stunt makes it clear why he’s no longer on FOX.

Insulting Christians supporting Trump isn’t enough for Glenn Beck.  No way…. the internet firebrand is back claiming he wants to stab Republican Presidential front runner Donald Trump.  Click Here.  That promptly made Beck the subject of a federal investigation.  Click Here

Beck shows again and again why his destiny is to be nothing but an obscure, albeit amusing, foot note in American political discourse.  The only reason to respond to anything Beck says is to protect Senator Cruz.

An endorsement from Glenn Beck or stage time with Glenn Beck is the last thing the senator should solicit.  Senator Cruz should say enough is enough with Beck’s antics and disavow him immediately.  He should do this before Beck can do anymore damage to his reputation.

Texas Journal formally endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States weeks ago.  Click Here

Ted Cruz is our second choice.  Cruz is a man of principle that understands that the policies of Barack Obama are an existential threat to the United States.  We believe that the principal transgression of President Obama is permitting the unfettered entry of illegal immigrants into the country.  As he said in his campaign, he intends to fundamentally change the United States.  Click Here.

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What he didn’t tell us that he was going to fundamentally change the Unites States by ignoring our laws, endangering our people, apologizing to our enemy’s and relinquishing our technology to an amorphous international entity that we have no control over.   As he’s about to do with the internet.  Click Here.

Senator Cruz, of course, has the presence of mind to resist this travesty.

Barack Obama is the current version in a long line of socialist whose only goal is to diminish the power and stature of the United States.  The needs of our people are irrelevant.  Their only goal is to create a New World Order with a subservient United States.

It’s our hope that Donald Trump will ask Ted Cruz to be his Vice President.  We pray that Senator Cruz will accept Trumps request.  Then, after 8 years with President Trump, the nation will be blessed with 8 years of President Cruz.

Standing with Beck as he insults Christians and threatens the life of the Republican Front Runner is not the way to stop Hillary.

Senator Cruz, for the good of the nation, disavow Beck and support Donald Trump.  We will then support the Trump/Cruz ticket in November.

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