A Lifeline For Texas Children

A Lifeline For Texas Children

Thanks to the hard work of Representative Linda Harper-Brown of Irving and the courage of Representative Grusendorf of Arlington, a few of Texas’ most vulnerable citizens may receive a lifeline. 

Texas House Bill 1263 (HB 1263) From 2005 put forth by Representative Harper-Brown provides resources to disadvantaged children in the state’s five largest urban districts and a few smaller districts with high concentrations of economically disadvantaged children.  It was voted out of the House Education Committee several days ago.  Then, due to a procedural error, it didn’t make the legislative calendar for consideration. 

Texas parents were frantic. 

At the last moment, we got a reprieve.  House Bill 1263 was attached as an amendment to Senate Bill 422. 

Texas parents and children are now waiting with bated breath.  If Texas Senators will support families, as many as 19,000 disadvantaged Texas children will receive an opportunity to succeed and prosper. 

HB 1263 must be enacted. 

A May 18, 2005 editorial in the Austin American Statesman revealed that fully 50% of the freshmen entering state colleges require remediation in math, reading or writing. 

In the words of The Statesman, this statistic is:

“A harsh condemnation of public education in Texas”

The students they’re writing about are the fortunate ones.  Regardless of their capabilities when they arrived at college, at least they arrived.  The children HB 1263 helps will never see college and will never have a prayer of success if they’re not permitted to improve their educational circumstances.  HB 1263 gives them that prayer.

HB 1263 will give up to 19,000 Texas children an opportunity to receive a quality education AND save Texas money. 

We need those children, we need their minds and we need your help. 

Contact your State Senator, State Representative, the Governor, and the Lt. Governor and your State School Board Representative.  Ask them to say YES to education, YES to achievement, YES to House Bill 1263.

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