00005 20210210 Massive Inflation

I was in college right after the Carter administration, during the Reagan administration.  Inflation during that period often exceeded 10% annually.  I took out student loans at four to six percent and earned more by placing the money in a money market account. I was in the right place at the right time and knew what to do.

EVERYONE else wasn’t so lucky.

You couldn’t buy a house, you couldn’t finance the equipment.  If you had a job, you were losing purchasing power.  Savers are KILLED in this environment.  You can see your money losing value LITERALLY every day.  The hamburger you bought yesterday was $4.50, today it’s $5.00.  You didn’t get a raise to cover it.

Because Joe is doing stupid things, we will be compelled to do stupid things.  Encourage your representatives, both state and federal to push back on these inane Executive Orders.

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