With the full support of Joe, Teachers Unions continue to ruin our children’s lives.  Joe claims he’ll have the kids back in class AT LEAST one day a week within 100 days.  The Center For Disease Control (CDC) has said the schools are safe.  That’s irrelevant.  Joe knows who butters his bread.  Joe knows, the cash comes from the unions.  There’s no point in talking to Joe about this.  He talks about “Following The Science.”  We know, Joe “Follows the Money.”

In 100 days, we’ll check with the unions to see if they deign to do their jobs.  Better yet, let’s do it ourselves.

Private schools are open.  Parochial schools are open.  Only public schools are shuttered while union members mock us with “Interpretive Dance.”

Help me help the kids.  Work with me to achieve Universal School Choice.

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