Becoming a Super-Influencer

Here’s what we do and how you might use it to become a more influential person on GAB.

Many times I first write, summarize, and index what I ultimately post on GAB here at Texas Journal.

If you generally agree with me, you can draw from my presentations to buttress your own position.  You can do that in one of two ways.  You might directly reference what I’ve done or repurpose my sources to make a different point in your presentation.

Here’s an example.  I recently wrote about the Hoax Insurrection at the Capitol.  I believe it was a false flag operation, one of many, to cover for the theft of the Presidential election.

If you agree with the overall position, you can use it as is or excerpt from my text.  If you prefer, you can rewrite it with a changed focus using the provided sources.

It’s all about presenting credible assertions, acquiring followers, and communicating with them.  That’s how we can help you become a Super Influencer.

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