Top Reasons To Avoid
the Deadly China Virus “Vaccine”

  1. It was created at “Warp Speed.”
  2. There was NO long-term safety Testing.
  3. It’s not Proven to Prevent Infection and Transmission. The “Vaccine” MAY reduce symptoms.
  4. It’s not FDA Approved. It only has Emergency Use Authorization.
  5. The Government is Providing Inconsistent and/or Inaccurate Medical Advice.
  6. We believe the “Vaccine” is unnecessary for a Virus with a 99.95%+ Survival Rate.
  7. Adverse Events and Deaths are Not Reported or Under-Reported.
  8. The Long Term Effects of the NEW mRNA Gene Manipulation Technology is Unknown.
  9. There are Numerous Reports of Blood Clots, Excessive Vaginal Bleeding, and Deaths from the “Vaccine.”
  10. Once Infected with China Virus you have Natural Immunity.
  11. The Ingredients of the “Vaccine” are Undisclosed.
  12. We believe a lack of Informed Consent is Unethical.
  13. There are Numerous Safe and Effective Therapeutics and Treatments.
  14. Vaccine Makers are Protected From Litigation. You’re Declined Recourse if Injured.
  15. Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are New to Vaccine Manufacture.
  16. Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson have controversial Litigation Histories.
  17. These Jabs are Not Traditional Vaccines.
  18. The Jabs are One Size Fits All. No Consideration of Age, Weight, Gender, or Medical History.
  19. There are too Many Conflicts of Interest Among Vaccine Experts and CEOs.
  20. Celebrity Marketing Campaign’s Undermine Vaccine Credibility.
  21. Persistent Media Censorship of Opposing Information from Medical Experts is unprecedented.
  22. Social Media is Unjustly Suppressing Reports from “Vaccine” Victims and their Families.
  23. Aborted Fetal Cells are used in “Vaccine” Testing. This is a Horrific Practice.
  24. Many American’s Fear God, Not China Virus.
  25. There is another Nuremberg Trial Being Proposed against China Virus “Vaccine” Shills.  Click Here
  26. My Body, My Choice.

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