The Devastating Cost of Critical Race Theory
in the United States Military

It hurts me to write this article. I’m a Marine veteran.  Until recently, the United States Military has indisputably been an institution where anyone could rise based on performance and merit.  Joe Biden is working hard to put the final nail in that coffin.  

Biden has already indicated that racial equity and Critical Race Theory (CRT) would play a significant role in his administration’s ideology. Critical Race Theory is Biden’s re-establishment of the KKK. However, this time Whites, instead of Blacks, are persecuted.   Like the democrat-founded KKK of old, this new incarnation holds that certain races are born with malign features.  Unfortunately for slightly over half the population, Biden hates Whites. 

In addition to democrat slavers in the Old South, the NAZI’s used a version of Critical Race Theory as its core ideology between 1933 and 1945. According to the German version, the Jewish race used their power and privileges to oppress other races.  As a result of their success, they were persecuted and sanctioned.  You can look at the Third Reich’s top institute for racial sciences, Jena University’s Institute for Heredity and Racial Policy, from the 1930s and swap “Whites” for the “Jews”. You’re now reading Biden’s official racial ideology.

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I am very concerned about the implementation of Critical Race Theory within the Defense Department. As Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Biden holds complete control over the Defense Department.  A Biden ally, Steven Cohen, a Democrat Representative, has already brought the issue of whiteness in the military to the forefront.  Cohen suggested that White National Guard members were not trustworthy because they might support President Trump.  Like Biden, Cohen doesn’t see people as individuals. 

The Department of Defense’s senior leadership has identified the problem.  More than 50% of its service members share the two malign characteristics of being white and male. You might think that an official ideology declaring an entire race oppressive and malign would be rejected out of hand.  This racist ideology is rejected by both the 14 th amendment and the 1964 Civil Rights Act. 

In a sane administration, that would be the case. 

Inflicting Critical Race Theory on the United States Armed Forces will not be easy.  There are too many indispensable Whites.  Fortunately for Biden, unfortunately for the nation, the regime can take a page from the NAZI playbook. 

The NAZI’s experience can be directly compared to Biden’s critical race theory. The Nuremberg Laws, which were passed in September 1935, imposed legal sanctions against German Jews. These Jews made up less than 1% of the German population. While the German State believed it would be straightforward to suppress a small group of people, unanticipated facts proved otherwise. Jews had become assimilated, became middle-class, and intermarried with many Christian Germans in the century following Jewish emancipation. The Nuremberg Laws required that all Germans demonstrate their Aryan Germanic heritage. This meant that more than 1% of Germans were subject to sanctions. They included distinguished soldiers, engineers, doctors, aircraft designers, and others who were critical to the German State.

Hitler created an imaginative program to retain many highly skilled and talented Germans with Jewish heritage.  He personally examined the files of those legally declared Jewish. In a few thousand cases, Hitler declared that certain people, including military personnel, weren’t Jewish but were actually Aryan. Hitler issued certificates of “Aryanization” certifying that people are free from Jewish ancestry. This entitles them to all rights and privileges as an Aryan German citizen. 

It will be more complicated for Biden.  Whites are a little more than 50% of the population.  Unfortunately for this racist administration, many Whites do many indispensable things in the United States.  Anti-White racists can’t simply lock everyone up. 

Here’s how the regime may use Herr Hitler’s solution.

Biden’s regressive administration can use the 1930s German approach to fight Whiteness in the U.S. military forces and elsewhere.  They’ll do it with certificates for “minoritization.” These certificates permit Biden to declare the recipient legally non-White.

There will be two classes of Whites declared non-White.  Those that can pay whatever charity Hunter establishes will have their certificates immediately.  The second group of non-White, Whites will be required to demonstrate a skill the regime deems indispensable.  

Senator Elizabeth Warren, and many celebrities, provide examples of voluntary “minoritization.” Senator Warren claimed through “family legend” that she was actually a Native American, her pale skin and blond hair notwithstanding.  The senator’s fraudulent claims permitted her to rise through affirmative action to become Harvard Law School‘s first female professor “of color.” Warren’s theft was discovered.  When she stole the heritage of Native Americans, she stole a racial category defined by law. Family lore is not sufficient to make you a Native American.  Her many mia-culpa and free copies of Pow Wow Chow didn’t diminish the deception.      

What can we do about military services staffed with thousands of White male flag officers and senior civilians?  In the old days, when the Department of Defense was interested in winning wars, it was permissible to seek out the most competent person available, regardless of their race.  Not any longer.  This obsolete focus on winning wars was abolished under the Bush, Clinton, Obama, and now the Biden presidencies.  For career advancement, the most important prerequisite has been willingness to say and do whatever pleases the political leadership.

It shows. 

Race warriors have diminished our armed forces immeasurably.  In Afghanistan, we’ve been fighting a foe with no air force, no organized army, and no country all for no reason for twenty years.  Three generations of young Americans wasted.  Soon, grandsons will die in the same province their grandfathers died in, all for nothing.

God help us when we face the Chinese/Russian alliance.

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