The Rules for Defeating Radicals

I recently read Rules for Defeating Radicals by Christopher Adamo. In a nutshell, it’s never accepting a flawed premise, never let the regressive radical set the terms of an argument, and never apologize just to be nice or just to get along. 

We’ve got to play for keeps and play to win each and every time.  That’s exactly what they do.

These rules are from page 241 of Chris’ book:

  • Rule No. 1:  Never apologize unless an actual wrong has been committed. And then, if an apology is truly warranted, remain very specific as to the issue that is actually being addressed.
  • Rule No. 2:  Never engage leftist leaders and activists for the purpose of persuading them with the truth.
  • Rule No. 3:  Never allow leftists to move past their hypocrisy and lies.
  • Rule No. 4: Never accept baseless leftist assertions of “Cause and Effect,” which are vehemently proclaimed as inarguable truth, but are only enabling propaganda.
  • Rule No. 5:  Never reflexively accept leftist definitions of good and evil.
  • Rule No. 6:  Power that is not asserted when necessary and appropriate is forfeited.  Eventually lost forever.
  • Rule No. 7:  When leftists rally around one of their own who has been exposed for engaging in reprehensible or corrupt behavior, all who support the individual need to be identified as being equally corrupt, and thereafter diligently tagged as such.
  • Rule No. 8:  Identify friend and fore.  Once a determination is made that a political player is doing the bidding of the enemy, do not allow it to be altered on the basis of emotion or polished subsequent politicking and pandering.
  • Rule No. 9:  Stay on Target.  Whenever engaged in an effort to advance the conservative agenda, or seeking to confront leftist fraud and duplicity, it is crucial to stay on point, and not allow leftists to complicate the issue or distract from it.
  • Rule No. 10:  Focus on winnable regions and issues to build momentum.

These rules are neither complicated nor do they require profound intellectual insight or enormous individual sacrifice to be effective.  They require cognizance of what’s actually happening and consistency of resistance.  It’s what regressives have been doing to us for 40+ years.

Chris’s book is worth a look.  Click Here

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