What’s Holding America Together

Not as Much as Before

Since Donald Trump’s first rally to “make America great again” in 2015, national identity has been an ongoing topic of American public discussion. Generalized concern about American unity has grown due to the flurry of protests, riots, and purges swept over the country.  After enduring the crucibles of diversity, racism, and intersectionality, the left promises a distant unity. The right offers a “new nationalism” to address the country’s current divisions. The centrists are interested in reconciliation through pluralism and moderation as a low-temperature accommodation of the warring parties.

We’re becoming far too dissimilar for a simple accommodation to work, and our purported leaders exacerbate the issue.  I’m not sure we have national leaders any longer.  Biden certainly isn’t anyone’s leader. Many believe Joe Biden was installed through massive election fraud.  Systemic fraud has been proven in Arizona.  We anticipate the results to be the same in other areas forensic audits are conducted.  Click Here

Many Marxist left-wing darlings undermine unity and cohesion by siding with the criminal illegal aliens violating our sovereignty.  In the attached piece, they’re vowing to support the abolition of borders and the elevation of Haitians above native-born Americans.  The Biden administration is either witting or unwitting allies of this national destruction. They’re permitting the unrestricted entry of illegals from across the globe, essentially importing an unlimited army of criminals to assault native-born Americans.  American Marxists stand ready to lead the assault.

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Discussing issues among opposing parties seems fruitless.  The Marxist demand reparations and a caste system; Americans demand a meritocracy and equal protection under law.  Every debate is plagued by confusion of terms.  Is the United States a “nation?” It is not in the sense of common descent.  In the very best sense, we are indeed a melting pot; however, the common adherence to a shared past, i.e., nationalism, is institutionally thwarted.  Marxist frown upon the idea because of the widespread fear of developing an exclusively American sense of identity.  Marxist education works tirelessly to instill shame and disgust in high school and college students of symbols such as the flag, the national anthem, and statues to national heroes. They’re succeeding in undermining a nationalistic America. 

To reverse this and achieve this national sense of identity, we need a shared love for the law, leading to a shared passion for the people who honor and follow our laws.  This patriotic love of our common humanity and purpose binds the many to the one.  When it happens, we achieve the national motto, E Pluribus Unum.

That’s how it’s supposed to work.

Adherence to E Pluribus Unum should create an overtly patriotic population permitting a unified United States to thrive and prosper.  Our institutions thwart the goal.  Patriotism is incessantly undermined in schools, colleges, and even military academies.  Click Here.

Thanks to Marxists undermining the concepts, liberty, equality, individual rights, and self-government are not objects of agreement. The historical definition of American equality subjects everyone to the same standards and requirements. It’s a meritocracy.  Aside from sports, the NBA, NFL, etc., meritocracy no longer prevails. We’re now expected to ignore objective facts to appease the inadequate and fabricate their success.  We advance races rather than competence. It’s gone so far that “Professors” are calling mathematics racist.  Try constructing a building or aircraft without mathematics.  University of Michigan “Professor” Deborah Ball is willing to give it a go.

Lack of meritocracy is why traditional Americans are anxious about the future of the nation.  There are limits to tolerance for diversity as it’s currently defined.  If diversity meant people both rise and fall according to their abilities without regard to skin color, that works for everyone.  In the current vernacular, diversity doesn’t mean equal opportunity.  Race hustlers like Al Sharpton’s and  Robin DiAngelo want a caste-based spoils system destined to make the United States a third-rate country with constant infighting and perpetual conflict.

The attached piece describes an example of Diversity as Al and Robin would impose it.  DuckDuckGo, a search engine company, rejected a competent White for an illiterate female lesbian-of-color.  The illiterate female lesbian-of-color was the capable White man posing as an illiterate female lesbian-of-color after his initial candidacy was declined.  He wanted to see if DuckDuckGo hired on competency or caste.  He recast his competent resume as incompetent and claimed to be an illiterate female lesbian-of-color.  DuckDuckGo extended the offer to the illiterate female lesbian-of-color.  DuckDuckGo, a nominally conservative company, is concerned about color, not competence.

DuckDuckGo is not alone.

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No one knows where the American Rubicon is, but we do know it’s coming sooner rather than later.

What amount of unity does a nation need?  In the abstract, this question is meaningless. Why do we need unity?  Civil peace is the standard answer. That’s not good enough.  A nation cannot prosper and grow living in a state of uneasy peace.  The current levels of civil and political violence in America are alarming.  The only reason it’s not worse is the forbearance and graciousness of conservatives across the racial and political spectrum.  The time for us to say no to the nonsense is fast approaching.

The nation’s mythology states that unity is essential for liberty, equality, and self-government.  The nation’s mythology is correct.  Lincoln believed that republicanism might “perish off the earth” without the united United States. America cannot exist without republican values. In his 1862 State of the Union, Lincoln said that America was “the last best hope of the earth,” which has been repeated many times by American politicians ever since.

The continuous military, commercial, cultural, and political expansion that began at Jamestown and Plymouth has fostered the restlessness, vigor, and optimism for which Americans are well-known.  America is, and would like to continue to be, the Shining City on Hill.  It can be if its laws are observed.  It cannot be if they are not.

The United States is now a tragedy of unforced errors, including:

  • Stolen Presidential Election
  • Insane Vaccine Mandates
  • Suppression of Free Speech
  • Destruction of the Nuclear Family
  • Implementation of a Racial Caste System

None of the above are legal or fundamental to our national character. They’re the opposite.

To avoid the violence inherent in this situation, we need to separate. We’ll use free states as our vehicle and leave the slave states to their own devices.  I wrote the attached letter to Governor Abbott of Texas suggesting as much.  I recommended he use states supporting the Keystone Pipeline as his nucleus of free states.

I’m not sure how this ends.  I do know it’s not sustainable in its current form.  I hope we can convince the usurpers to return to the rule of law or, failing that, part ways peaceably.

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