Hershel Walker Speaks Against Reparations

Not that I’m for reparations at all, but, Hershel says something that applies to many people. He notes that the timing of a person’s arrival in this country would impact receipt of reparations.

It should also impact the requirement to remit.

My Grandfather arrived with my Great Grandfather at Ellis Island in 1906. That’s 41 years after the Civil War. We didn’t own slaves.  We’re absolved of guilt.

I’m a Conservative Republican. Republicans fought the Regressive Democrat Slaveholders to set the slaves free. So, if we’re unconcerned about when people arrived in America, 100% of Conservative Republicans should receive reparations too. We deserve it because we suffered mightily during the war. We’ll call it “Color Blind” Reparations.

I’ll send you a bill. 😉

Hershel’s moving presentation link is below.

Original Link: Click Here


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