The destruction of a Russian natural gas pipeline by the Biden administration will probably lead to nuclear war.  The Russian natural gas network is an integral part of their economy and energy security.  As such, Biden’s destruction of Nord Stream leaves the entire system vulnerable and creates great economic hardship both for the Russians and those dependent on them for fuel.  This catastrophic unilateral act of agression by Biden will lead to retaliatory measures escalating into full-scale war.  There’s every reason to thing that China will support Russia.  This brings the United States into direct conflict with two peer nuclear powers.  Click Here.

Joe Biden has attacked critical Russian infrastructure while concurrently prosecuting a proxy war against Russia through a non-allied nation, i.e. Ukraine.  He has done so without the benefit of a declaration of war as required by the United States Constitution.  Impeachment proceedings must begin immediately. 

Biden’s actions has greatly increased the risk of global nuclear war.  There’s more.  In the interim, other forms of conflict will arise.  For example, due to the disruption in natural gas supplies caused by Nord Streams destruction, Russia is activating another 500,000 troops.  Additionally, countries will take advantage of this situation by using methods such as political or economic pressure on either side or even military intervention in order to gain strategic advantages at our expense.  All of these issues are happening concurrently with the United States Military experiencing a severe recruitment crisis.  Click HereClick Here  The reason none of the services can recruit is evident to everyone except those responsible for recruiting.  No young American wants to join a woke, broke, quota based racist United States Military that values pigmentation over proficiency.   

Given these potential risks, it is clear that destroying the Russian natural gas pipeline was an incredibly stupid and unnecessary action that served no purpose other than to weaken and disable the United States.  Thanks to the Biden administrations blind greed and ignorance, it seems inevitable that we’ll soon be an a catastrophic war we may well lose. 

This is what happens when United States Presidential Elections are stolen.   Click Here  Click Here

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The United States has destroyed the Nord Stream pipeline. A very detailed plausible account of the destruction is provided by Seymour Hersh. The February 8 article was entitled “How America Took Out the Nord Stream Pipeline.” Click Here   

Americans never dreamed that the United States would perpetrate an unprovoked covert attack against a country that is not at war with us.   Furthermore, the fact that such an attack caused serious harm to one of their closest allies further compounds the difficulty. Worse still, this attack was orchestrated by President Biden, who used a political maneuver to circumvent congressional oversight and comply with war powers legislation. This is particularly shameful because it threatens our constitutional balance of power in America – making this an impeachable offense. For those wondering, Joe Biden and his terrorist emulators have done all that and then concluded their performance by telling a series of lies to give the impression they did nothing wrong.

The danger of a unilateral presidential action circumventing the congressional responsibility to declare war is twofold. First, it violates the principle of separation of powers that is enshrined in the United States Constitution. By taking such an action, the President is essentially usurping a power reserved for Congress and undermining the will of the people as represented by their elected representatives. Biden’s reckless and illegal behavior weaken our democracy and create an imbalance of power.  Biden conducted himself as a dictator, not an elected President responsible to the American people for his actions.  This is not surprising because many believe that Biden stole the 2020 Presidential Election.  This is how some think it was done.  Click Here

Secondly, it carries great potential for disaster. In addition to unilaterally initiating hostilities with Russia, a peer nuclear power, Biden has also abdicated United States sovereignty.  He’s dissolved US borders and unilaterally given uncontested operational control of the United States Southern border to Chinese controlled Mexican drug cartels.

Thanks to Biden’s criminality, more than 100 thousand United States Citizens are poisoned annually by his Chinese directed Cartel Masters.  

The destruction of Russia’s pipeline alienated Germany, one of our closest allies in Europe.  Furthermore, there are fears that such actions could lead to other countries taking advantage of this power imbalance or intervening militarily in order to gain strategic advantages at the expense of other nations.  The situation is further exacerbated by the United States Military’s persistent recruiting problems.  Additionally, we are fast exhausting our armaments.  Click Here.

These dire circumstances were engineered and executed by an Unelected President for an un-allied nation that Biden and his Son were earning tens of thousands of dollars a month from in the very recent past.  It appears that Biden is about to start a nuclear war to protect his families money laundering operation. 

Without proper oversight and dialogue between the Executive and the Legislative branches, there is a risk that any presidential action taken outside solely for his own benefit could have disastrous results for all those affected. That is precisely what happened. President Biden’s reckless actions have placed the world on the precipice of a nuclear war with China and Russia working together to assure our certain destruction.

The mainstream American media are an echo chamber for whatever information the White House chooses to release.  This has been the media’s worst performance since the invasion of Iraq. Given all of this, it was perhaps inevitable that the government-subservient press and TV news would ignore the devastating report released by top investigative journalist Seymour Hersh. Hersh’s article chronicles the preparations and executions by the US Navy Diving and Salvage Center and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Maritime Branch to destroy Nord Stream pipelines.  Click Here

This report contains extensive details regarding the political decision-making and planning that led to the destruction of the pipeline.  Hersch notes that many in the United States government considered Nord Stream a security risk due to Russia’s access to cheap natural gas from Germany which could allow Moscow to become energy dependent on this route, potentially providing them with political and strategic advantage.

In 2021, the Ukraine crisis intensified. To avoid political backlash from America’s European allies, Biden created a secret task force to examine potential scenarios. This group looked into using intelligence and military resources for destruction of pipelines while contriving a story permitting plausible denial of US involvement.  Biden previously declared that no US involvement in Ukraine would result in an attack on Russia.  Biden lied. 

Jake Sullivan, National Security Adviser, led an interagency task force that met in late 2021.  The meeting included key members from the Agency’s Maritime Branch and Navy’s Diving and Salvage Center based in Panama City Florida. Though initially classified as a covert operation that required congressional authorization, it was downgraded to one deemed a highly classified intelligence operation with U.S. military support.  Changing the status of operation gave Biden cover to hide the operation from Congressional oversight.  With the name change, Biden concluded that he could unilaterally attack Russia.   

There were numerous warnings of what was to come. In February 2022, President Biden made a public pledge at a joint news conference with Olav Scholz – the German chancellor.  Biden vowed, “If Russia invades… there will no longer be a Nord Stram 2.  We will bring an end to it.”  Click Here.

In its arrogance, the Biden Administration has admitted responsibility for sabotage. While it was certain it had both the motive and means to do so, they were careful not to leave any evidence that they had done so. Furthermore, Congress was never involved.  Biden unilaterally attacked Russia, a sovereign nuclear state.  Clearly an impeachable offense. 

The destruction of the Nord Stream is a clear violation of the separation of powers between Congress and the White House, as only Congress has the power to declare war. This action was taken without any authorization from Congress, and in direct contradiction to President Biden’s earlier statements that no US involvement would result in an attack on Russia over Ukraine. None of this was true.  Instead, Biden created a secret task force to hide his crimes.  This is a direct usurpation of congressional authority.

Biden’s actions have severe ramifications for the United States and the world. 

This reckless behavior cannot go unchecked and should result in immediate impeachment proceedings against President Biden. It is essential that Congress reassert its authority over foreign policy and make sure that future presidents act within their constitutionally-mandated bounds when involving foreign countries. Without strong congressional oversight over executive actions related to foreign affairs, our nation will be destroyed in pointless wars.  That is precisely what’s happening now.  An Unelected President is prosecuting war against a nuclear state without a declaration of war from congress.   

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Reports indicate the process for placing explosives and then detonating pipelines was as follows: In June 2022, under cover of NATO Baltic Sea Exercise BALTOPS-22, deep-sea divers from Norway descended 260ft to a spot off Bornholm where two pipelines converged. Here they attached C-4 explosives to both Nord Stream 1 (which had already become operational) and Nord Stream 2 (which needed approval by German security and safety regulators in order to become active). These charges were intended for remote detonating.

To allow escape from those initiating the explosion, explosives were set on a timer and activated by a secure signal sent via sonar buoy dropped onto the site by a Norwegian navy helicopter. As part of their military presence and extensive experience in cold-water operations, Norway proved essential in this role – even to watchful Russians who wouldn’t worry about seeing a Norwegian Navy helicopter fly by in that region.

On September 26, 2022, Norway dropped a sonar beacon and shortly after, C-4 explosives detonated. This quickly destroyed three of the four pipelines. The US and its allies in media attempted to assign blame, with Russia being repeatedly mentioned as an aggressor. The White House and British government failed to disclose any information that might have shed light on why Moscow was seeking to disrupt a lucrative business deal. Months later, it was discovered that Russian authorities had been quietly compiling estimates for the cost of repairs to Nord Streams – estimated at around $10 billion.  If the Russians were contemplating repairing the pipeline, it’s unlikely they would have destroyed it. 

It was unclear why Russia would want to destroy its important pipeline, which had been a major source of income for years. Secretary of State Blinken made this statement when asked about the effects of the worsening global energy crisis affecting Western Europe in September. Apparently delusional, Blinken spoke positively of the pipeline’s destruction, asserting that taking away Vladimir Putin‘s capacity to weaponize energy would “take away Vladimir Putin’s ability to further his imperial plans.”

Seymour Hersh’s story is another example of America’s leadership deceiving both its citizens and the rest of the world. It was an apparent case of using its media allies to conceal a crime that hasn’t made Americans any safer or wealthier. Tucker Carlson, a renowned US journalists, presented Hersh’s investigation account in a segment of his show.

Even after this exposure, there remain unanswered questions regarding the destruction of Nord Stream. It appears to have been an act of war, terrorism or both. Consider how NATO countries, USA and Norway, de facto attacked Germany – both its intended recipient as well as an economic partner in the Nord Stream pipeline project. Furthermore, Russian intelligence discovered evidence of British involvement in this operation. Elizabeth Truss, then British Prime Minster, sent a text message to Antony Blinken – sixty seconds after the explosion – declaring victory. Berlin apparently wasn’t trusted enough to participate in the planning and execution of the bombing.  Article 5 of the NATO charter states that an attack against a NATO nation requires all members of the alliance to come together and provide assistance. Consider whether NATO should go to war against either the United States or Norway. Or, should “friends” within this defensive alliance not attack each other? Should both the United States and Norway be labeled rogue states?  Will NATO maintain its integrity if several member countries take unilateral actions that severely harm another’s economy? How will Germans respond to their declining living standards due to US/Norwegian actions?  Germany has started the last two world wars.  Will the Germans do nothing as their economy is destroyed by the destruction of Nord Stream?  Germany is a NATO ally.  Ukraine is not.  Does Biden and his foreign relations team understand this?

It’s undeniable that Biden’s actions were criminal.  He’s imperiled allies and the NATO alliance.  Everything he’s done is to prosecute an illegal way on behalf of a non-ally.    

Americans should reflect deeply upon the government they elect and its behavior. The Constitution only granted Congress the power to declare war, so perhaps its framers never imagined that President Biden would use America’s military and navy forces unilaterally against other countries.  All of this is justified by “exceptionalism”, allowing a massive deception that ongoing warfare is actually maintaining peace within an international rules-based order.  Thanks to Biden, the rules based order we’ve enjoyed since the end of the cold war is about to die.  Now, more than ever, the words of President Washington resonate.  He urged the American people to avoid political partisanship and entanglements with European wars.

Biden is a catastrophic failure on both counts.  He is a partisan political hack placing the United States on a collision course with a nuclear war against a European state.

The final and biggest question is what will Russia do. My feeling is they’ve concluded the United States is responsible for the destruction of Nord Stream. I believe they’ll continue prosecuting their war against Ukraine while biding their time. This will give their new ally, China, an opportunity to attack Taiwan which will further exhaust United States resources. As the United States struggles to wage global war on two fronts with two peer enemies, both China and Russia will activate thousands of sleepers invited into the United States by Joe Biden during the preceding three years.

This results in the destruction of the United States by foreign armies controlling the continent while Chinese and Russian navies assault major cities on the East and West coasts. All of this driven by a geriatric madman, Unelected CCP cutout Beijing Biden.

There is one possibility of saving the country. Our elected representatives must to the following three things both immediately and concurrently:

  1. Abandon Ukraine;
  2. Impeach Beijing Biden;
  3. Secure ALL United States Borders.

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