Impeach AG Merrick Garland

All Americans are dealing with unlimited criminal illegal aliens flooding the country, runaway inflation, the beginnings of World War 3 without the consent of the governed, and climate clown extremists attempting to enslave United States citizens with Joe Biden’s full concurrence.  Biden’s presidency is a national disaster and gets worse by the day.  Still, unless House Republicans use all their leverage to eliminate Attorney General Merrick Garland, none of it matters. 

The heavy lifting is done.  Thanks to Representative Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia, articles of impeachment have been filed against Biden’s rogue attorney general. 

Merrick Garland just chose to seek prison time for President Trump.  President Trump won an unprecedented second term in office only to have it stolen from him by a feckless supreme court with the full concurrence of his supine Vice President Mike Pence and 50 criminal deep state intelligence operatives

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Now, after two failed impeachment attempts, the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, concurrent with the Stormy Daniels disaster that landed her attorney, Michael Avenatti, in prison, the corrupt Biden Regime is attempting to jail private citizen President Trump, the true candidate of the people and the actual current President of the United States, for a non-crime. 

The entire world stood by and watched this miscarriage of justice.  After the election was stolen, I, for one, thought it was over.  There was talk of an indictment for a non-crime, but no one, least of all myself, thought the criminal Biden Regime would indict a former president on bogus charges. 

I was wrong.

Suppose the House Republicans don’t get behind Marjorie Taylor Greene’s articles of impeachment for AG Garland. In that case, they’re saying nothing can be done except sit by as the United States of America disintegrates with complete indifference.

If that happens, the United States of America is officially a failed state.  We are Cuba; we are China; we are Russia; we are no longer the United States. 

Should House Republicans decide to play a lackadaisical go-along to get along, “let’s wait and see game,” they will soon find themselves with nothing left to fight over. Democrats had no issue impeaching a sitting president twice, seeking his personal tax returns, and bringing witnesses against him during televised hearings.  They did so with impunity and without consequences.  The consequences need to start now.  Attorney General Merrick Garland must be removed from office. 

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Equal Protection Under Law must be restored.  If not, we’ll all become New World Order chattel, cattle, and slaves.

Merrick Garland has corrupted his office by persecuting a political opponent actively campaigning to unseat his boss.  This is retribution on Garland’s part for being denied a Supreme Court seat in 2016. Garland claims white supremacy (i.e., “Trump supporters”) is America’s primary domestic threat while simultaneously ordering his department to incarcerate the thousands of people peacefully protesting the stealing of the 2020 presidential election and harassing concerned parents attending school board meetings.    

If Representative Greene’s impeachment articles are not pursued aggressively, there will not be a functioning United States in 2024. 

In support of this effort, the Oversight Committee should call Justice Department officials for hearings and investigate how Justice coordinated this hit job on President Trump with the White House

Nothing could be more essential.


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