We’re Under Occupation

Twenty-twenty and now, in 2021, we’ve entered a Constitutional wilderness with an overtly suppressive government.  Federal and local governments are ignoring individual Americans’ natural rights and freedoms.  Americans haven’t experienced such tyranny since the Civil War.    

In the past two years, we’ve experienced:

  1. The denial of religious freedoms;
  2. Arbitrary house arrests;
  3. The closing of private businesses without compensation;
  4. The intentional disregard for destruction of private property;
  5. The support of Anarchists by granting them general immunity;
  6. The refusal of governors, secretaries, attorneys general, judges, and other judges to protect the integrity of the vote.   
  7. The Supreme Court of the United States Supporting Election Fraud.  Click Here.

If you understand the Constitution, you know that the Constitution’s strictures prohibit everything on the above list.  Many of us understood this.  Nevertheless, we permitted the Government to proceed because we believed the China Virus was a deadly plague

China Virus was not and is not a deadly plague.

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From observation, we’ve concluded the China Virus must be one of two things:

  1. First Step of the Great Reset that will Result in the Deaths of Millions;
  2. A Money Laundering Operation from Pharma to Democrat Politicians.

We are under attack from a hostile government.  There is no difference between a nominally American group seizing power through a stolen election, or an invasion force of Chinese communists.  Both ignore the rule of law.  The founding documents clearly outline what the US government can and cannot do. If the Government rejects these constraints, it is illegitimate.    

The Biden regime has delegitimized itself. 

The Constitution prohibits government agents from suspending citizen’s right to work, the ability to exercise their religious beliefs, and your right to assemble peaceably. 

There are no exceptions to Americans’ freedom of speech in the Constitution.  There are no provisions permitting tech companies to have monopoly control over the digital space and censor any debate about the scientific efficacy of purported “vaccines” or overwhelming evidence of criminal fraud in the presidential election.

There is no Constitutional right for Dr. Fauci to declare what freedoms Americans still possess. 

The Constitution does not permit California the right to veto federal immigration laws while concurrently declaring that neither Arizona nor Texas is allowed to protect their borders.

The Constitution does not declare that Black Lives Matter or Antifa are immune from criminal prosecutions or pandemic lockdowns; nevertheless, they are.  If we disagree, we face harassment from our Tech Overlords working on behalf of the United States Government.

How can elected representatives be allowed to take oaths to defend and support the Constitution of the United States while simultaneously declaring their intent to:

  1. Strip Americans of Their Second Amendment Rights.
  2. Strip Americans of their First Amendment Rights to Worship and Speak.
  3. Strip Americans of their Fourteenth Amendment Rights to Equal Protection Under the Law.

Where does the Constitution say that a fraudulent election result must be honored simply because a feckless and corrupt Supreme Court refuses to discharge its responsibilities?  Click Here.

If the Constitution’s powers indeed are so weak and supine, then it is clear that we are governed by fiat, not the rule of law.  If the Constitution’s protections of individual rights for every American are suspended whenever a government bureaucrat declares an emergency, then there are no protections whatsoever.

We are now in the “Age of Emergencies.”

In this country, it was once common knowledge that all governments, federal, state, and local, regardless of how well-intentioned, are corrupt.  We learned this in elementary school.  All of our Founding Fathers shared this sentiment. The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Federalist Papers, and all correspondence between signers and ratifiers of the Founding Documents were created because they knew that Government cannot be trusted.  Government limits the worst impulses of men and, unchecked by law; Government is the greatest threat to individual liberties.

It will continue as long as we permit it.

We’ve got one option before the wheels totally come off.  The forensic audits of every election in question must proceed unimpeded.  If they’re impeded and we do nothing, there is no more United States of America.

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