Our Leadership is Destroying The United States.

Nations are not immortal.  Given our present corrupt leadership, I’m not sure we’ll make it until the end of the year.  Although the reasons behind the fall of great empires and nations are complicated, ours is easily identified. We’re witnessing our country’s culture disappear, and its economy collapses through fiscal irresponsibility and abandonment of its values.

Social polarization and civil unrest result from the inability to maintain common values, culture, and norms.  These inconsistencies and unnecessary conflicts impede people’s ability to flourish and prosper.  This leads to a loss of democracy, less freedom, and less economic opportunity.  Importing hundreds of thousands of unvetted illegal aliens across our Southern border and tens of thousands of unvetted Afghani’s expedite this collapse. 

We’ve witnessed the rise of global power and centralization at the cost of individual liberty.  The Scamdemic is the pretext for Washington and the coastal elites to impose their cultural views upon the American people forcefully.  Their view is not our view.  Our country is undergoing unilateral change without the consent of the governed. 

The regressives who control the media, academia, and corporate sectors see the U.S. as evil, oppressive, and irredeemable.  This disdain for the country they serve has penetrated those sworn to defend us.  There is now a discernable rot in the military.  It comes from the top and permeates their service academies and leadership.  The decay is in the ranks and at the Service Academies.

Black Line For School Choice

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Black Line For School Choice

These self-destructive choices continue unabated.  Many thousands of the unvetted Afghani’s are warehoused at Fort Dix in New Jersey.  Major General Mark D. Camerer has ordered no photographing or filming of conditions or people at the base.  General Camerer Commands Fort Dix.  Understandably, he’s desperate to hide the chaos.  This is precisely the type of deceit and duplicity depicted in the Afghan Papers.

Senator Rand Paul made these opening comments regarding the Afghan Papers:

“For years it has been my view that the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan amounts to a military presence without a mission. We have no achievable end state nor have we aligned ends, ways, and means to support a non-existent theory of victory.”

General Camerer has perpetuated this deceit by denying Americans the ability to see what is going on with the tens of thousands of unvetted military age illegal aliens that were illegally imported without screening from a country we’ve been in an undeclared war with for two decades. 

A country without history is a country without a future.  You destroy the future when you erase the past.  America is heading towards Communist-style tyranny, with left-wing extremists driving politics, destroying monuments, and attacking free speech. If the momentum continues, America will see a complete eradication of our values and history.  This destruction will be followed immediately by the forceful implementation of a regressive, oppressive government. 

We’re close to that now.

The facts are daunting.  The unelected Biden regime’s only purpose is to import illegals and buy their votes.  The United States has close to $30 trillion in debt. Inflation will continue to rise, as will interest rates. Biden’s lunatic vote-buying schemes will easily quadruple government spending.

It doesn’t have to be that way. 

We had a brief respite from the destruction of America during the Trump administration. Trump’s pro-growth and pro-worker policies led to the median household income increasing by 6.8% in 2019, the highest annual increase since records began. America added seven million jobs, more than three times the projections and at the end of an expansionary cycle. The median family income of the middle class increased by nearly $6,000, more than five times the gains made during the previous administration. Hispanics saw their median household income rise by 7.9%, 7.9 percent, Asians (10.6%), foreign-born workers (8.5%), and whites (5.7%). All native-born Americans saw theirs increase by 6.2%. The Trump years saw a steep drop in poverty rates across the spectrum.  Trump’s policies were responsible for the American economy recovering much faster than Europe after many states lifted lockdowns. 

Trump’s recovery collapsed when the Supreme Court was derelict in its duties permitting Biden to steal the 2020 election.   

The recent disaster in Afghanistan is directly due to the lies promulgated by the military-industrial complex.  The United States will soon be unable to face Chinese expansionism and other authoritarian threats. It is a dangerous moment in American history.  We must be smart enough to recognize and act quickly to stop the corruption and depravity we’re subjected to every day. 

If we don’t stop the systematic destruction of our country, America is done.

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