Attorney General Paxton:

I read here and here that you intend to primary RINOs that voted for your impeachment.  My state representative Ben Bumgarner, District 63 in Flower Mound, is such a RINO.  I contacted him before the vote to impeach and gave him numerous reasons not to.  He did anyway. 

This note is to inquire if you’d be interested in supporting me if I challenged Ben?

I can prove my credentials as an AG Paxton fan.  I wrote about you taking the 2020 stolen election to the Supreme Court.  Click Here

Here are some other pieces I’ve written, providing you with insights to my attitude:  Click Here

I’m very active on  It’s my preferred social media platform.   Here are some representative communications I’ve written.  Click Here   In the representative communications, it’s addressed to one person, but whoever is mentioned in the body also gets a copy.

Here’s my timeline containing recent posts:  Click Here

I’m attempting to expand my reach and encourage others to act similarly.  I call my effort The Framework for Victory as described Here.

We may have a mutual friend.  Twenty years ago, I would frequently travel to Austin.  I worked with Peggy Venable.  Peggy was the Executive Director of Americans for Prosperity.  Under the AFP auspices, I testified before the Texas House Education Committee.  I was and am an aggressive advocate of school choice.  In those days, I wrote an article a week and postal mailed it to every Texas House and Senate member.

I attended the most recent Texas Public Policy Foundation event a few months back.  I learned from AFP attendees that Peggy now works for Governor Abbott.  Twenty years ago, I lived in Valley View, close to Gainesville, Texas.  The AFP was going to back my candidacy for the state house.  Unfortunately, it didn’t happen.  Shortly after that, the wife filed for divorce.  That threw a wrench into everything.

A little about me.  My name is Dave Zenker.  I’ve not held public office before.  I retired from the Department of Defense 10/31/2022.  I served six years in the Marines in the 70s.  I retired from the Defense Contract Audit Agency.  I’m a CPA.  I hold a Bachelors and Masters in Accountancy.  I’ll be 69 in November.  I am vertical, lucid and fit.

When my followers want to know more about me, I send them to this page:  Click Here

That’s enough for you to decide if you or your designee want to talk.  Regardless of your decision, thanks for everything you do.




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