China is Serious About Winning
The United States is Not


The People’s Republic of China has grown and is now a significant adversary of the United States. Beijing threatens U.S. national interests at home and abroad, including the American people’s health, well-being, and prosperity.  We now know the PRC is active in Cuba.  They’ve established bases and use the island to gather and interpret signal intelligence.  This, coupled with their floating high-altitude balloons over the continental United States, provides indisputable intelligence superiority over the United States. 

While America was concerned only with our citizen’s pigment, the Chinese actively take advantage of their highest performing citizens to ensure their nation remains secure.  We’ve sown the wind, we’re about to reap the whirlwind. 

After the greatest generation won the second world war, we remained vigilant through the 60s.  We landed on the moon and decided the global preeminence of the United States was pre-ordained.  It is essential to explain this remarkable shift in power from the West to the East.  With the fall of the Soviet Union and the weakening of China, the United States went from a moment of “unipolarity” to one of parity. It took about 30 years for this to happen. This period of U.S. dominance was unrivaled for about a decade. The U.S. military was formidable. It wasn’t omnipotent, but it was structured to fight two simultaneous wars against peers or near peers anywhere on the globe.  Not anymore. The United States fall began as we moved from a meritocratic society to a caste system.  We were chased from Afghanistan by goat herders abandoning $85 Billion in operational equipment as we fled.  Click Here

 The only person punished for the Afghanistan debacle was Marine Lieutanant Colonel Stuart Scheller.  His crime?  The termerity to ask questions about the catastrophic failure.  Click Here    LtCol Scheller published a book describing the debacle and the lack of accountability leading to our devastating national humiliation,  Crisis of Command. 

In this brief but historically significant period, post-Cold War strategists for national security lost the gains that previous generations had worked for and sacrificed so much to achieve. The victory of World War II and the Cold War won by previous generations of strategists was forever lost. It is necessary to examine why they failed. Why did they waste the best gift regarding national security – a relatively benign environment that included peace, stability, and great power for the U.S.?

The failure in managing and controlling China was, and still is, pervasisve throughout the US government, academia, and business.  It was primarily centered on an ideological belief that engagement would benefit U.S. businesses and transform China into a capitalist and, eventually, democratic state. The Clinton Administration secured permanent “most-favored nation” status for Beijing without considering its human rights record and requiring political reforms of the Chinese Communist Party. Trade with China grew from a trickle to a torrent. This flood undermined U.S. security and the ability of defense analysts to recognize China as a potential threat.  The Chinese were buying influence throughout the United States.  They lavished so much money over so many people up to and including the family and friends of President Joe Biden.  Click Here.

In response, the highest levels in U.S. politics developed other pro-PRC engagement priorities. They may have known that the PRC could be a major problem in the future, but not today. These priorities were shared by primary think tanks that aligned themselves with the ideologies of the respective political parties.  The CCP’s goal was to achieve a benign, non-threatening image of China in collaboration with the engagement school. The school of thought argued that China would reform itself by trading as it became wealthier.  This failed belief system concluded that a more prosperous China become capitalist and democratic.  They were completely wrong.  Nothing was asked of the Chinese dictatorship resulting in nothing changing the Chinese dictatorship. 

The people of the United States of America were played for fools.

China was happy to continue and expand this deception. Wealth was created as China, the U.S., and investors tightened their ties.  Much of this money was then used to buy influence in US society.  The money was distributed to U.S. media outlets, universities, think tanks and law firms, influential former officials, and other sources of influence and authority. In China’s political warfare strategy, this is known as “Elite Capturing.”

China ultimately captured the ultimate elite.  President Joe Biden.  Biden’s treachery will likely cost thousand of American lives.  Click Here

They not only got “The Big Guy,” i.e., President Biden, they also bought and paid for the first son, Hunter Biden.  Click Here.

It was soon possible to make much money by not opposing the PRC.  As previously illustrated, President Biden and First Son Hunter Biden reaped millions by supporting the denigration, degradation and dissolution of the United States.

Joe and Hunter were not alone.

Much of Deep State Washington soon learned it was better to support China, stay silent, or focus on non-confrontational matters. The message was spread throughout the federal and state bureaucracy that critical examinations of the China’s intentions and expanding abilities were not a top priority and would not help professional advancement. The habit of minimizing the CCP’s ambitions and true nature became so entrenched that it dictated assumptions and parameters for threat assessments regarding China.  This treachery permitted China to become a peer competitor in every field of endeavor. 

This strategic failure was devastating.  We failed to stop the rise of our most powerful and aggressive enemy. US National leadership was so blind that they didn’t even see the need.  The Biden regime still does not understand what’s at stake.

The direct result of China’s “Elite Capture” of United States leadership has stifled U.S. interests, threatened the U.S. homeland, and threatened U.S. partners and allies. It has persuaded these captured elites to alter international institutions, rules, and principles to guarantee a brighter future for tyranny.

The PRC is now challenging the United States’ technological dominance, even regarding the most prized U.S. military technology. According to a recent Australian Strategic Policy Institute report, the PRC is ahead of the United States in 19 out of 23 categories, including hypersonic technology. Click Here.  This turn of events must be explained and corrected.

When it reflects on its failure, China has an inner motivation that the United States lacks. By comparing its goals with those of an enemy like the United States, China justifies its urgency and focuses its energy. When China failed a test in hypersonics, they tested it again quickly until the problem was corrected. When the United States failed, we wasted time before trying again.  China acted quickly to fix its mistakes, while the United States took a long time. It is the same with the development of supersonic anti-ship cruise weapons that threaten the U.S. Pacific Fleet.

It seems that the United States no longer has the will to win.  This is illustrated by the Afghanistan debacle.  The elevation of Pigment over Proficiency in both the military and military academies.  The United States wastes force time on pointless CRT exercises.  Click Here

The United States has corrupted its war fighting schools with CRT too.  Military Academies alienate and antagonize qualified candidates with idiotic CRT training.  It’s as though we’re training our people for defeat.  Click Here

This abandonment of performance for pigmentation and the application of Woke extends to the highest levels of command in the United States military.  General Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sat before a congressional committee whining about White Rage.  General Milley is White.  He wants to understand his White Rage.  Click Here

It is unfathomable that General Milley doesn’t know what he’s doing.  He’s telling his subordinates that he doesn’t believe he’s qualified to lead.  The general’s conduct leads listeners to conclude that he believes he was awarded his command not because he was the best choice but because of his race and his resulting undeserved  “White Privilege.” 

Milley not only has no confidence in himself.  His problems extend beyond personal insecurity and well into treason.  The General admitted he would warn the CCP if the United States contemplated an attack.  Click Here

That Milley retains his job while LtCol Scheller was jailed is all you need to know about the United States Armed Forces.  The US Military is a go-along, get-along organization preparing to fail in a peer conflict. 

It gets worse.  Immediately after the successful steal of the 2020 election, America’s intensely politicized military held a 60-day general stand down.  The goal, get rid of as many White war fighters as possible.  Click Here 

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, a rabidly racist Black man, further humiliated the United States Military by calling into question the loyalties of every White serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Generations of Whites have served with honor throughout our history.  General Austin and General Milley’s conduct have devastated the ability of the Armed Forces to recruit.  Click Here  Click Here

It doesn’t stop with the stolen election.  The highly politicized pentagon has our elected representatives in their sights.  There was a time when the military was subordinate to civilian control in the United States.  No more.  Click Here

America’s newest branch of the military is corrupted from it’s inception.  Space Force Lt. Gen. DeAnna M. Burt says she picks officers based on a woke agenda that favors transgender candidates in the name of “transformational cultural change.”  Space Force Leadership is based almost entirely on a candidate’s exhibited mental illness.  Click Here

Rather than concerning themselves with enhancing lethality, Space Force, the USAF and other branches pay travel for personnel to enjoy a variety of experiences with the mentally ill.  Click Here:

If you support traditional families and opposed overt grooming and mutilation of children Space Force Chief Operations Officer Lt. Gen. DeAnna Burt claims you and your state are a detriment to readiness.  Click Here.   These are not isolated incidents.  The United States Air Force hosted 67 events celebrating service members mental illness in 2022.  Click Here

The actions of Austin, Milley, Burt, and too many others concern patriots.  We’re questioning what remains to hold the country together?  Click Here.

China spends no time encouraging the mentally ill and inflicting them on their effective service members.  The CCP Military is focused on lethality and winning wars.

China’s goal was to become the largest shipbuilder in the world. This would give it the advantages of scale, the ability to replace vessels if sunk during a conflict and improve the quality of the navy’s ships. The Chinese navy can now advance the interests and goals of China despite the resistance of the U.S. Navy.

It is unacceptable that U.S. Security Strategists focus on anything aside from that necessary to prevail in a conflict with China.  The conflict will happen and happen soon.  The Chinese have already decided it will happen.  Click Here.

They failed to recognize the most serious threat the United States has ever faced and now they’re taking affirmative steps to ensure the United States Armed Forces are undermanned, demotivated and minimally competent. 



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